12 Christmas Bundt Cakes (2024)


Just a short while ago, I published a bundt cake series to the blog. The series was called Lord Byron’s 12 Bundt Cakes of Christmas. It was a series that was posted over 12 consecutive days.

12 Christmas Bundt Cakes (1)

Last year, I published a series that was 24 days long. It was called Lord Byron’s 24 Cookies of Christmas. I should have learned my lesson, but I didn’t. You might think I’m a sucker for punishment, but the truth is, I feel most like myself and most comfortable when I’m cooking or baking. But, I’m very proud of this 12 Christmas Bundt Cake series, so I’m placing all of them together in this one post. This way, it will be easier for you to maneuver your way through the series. Also, you can see all of the cakes on one page and better see which one(s) jump out at you. Let’s get started!


To see the recipe, just click on the image or the title of the cake. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your spot. When you click, it will open a new window and your spot on this page will be right where you left off, so it’s easy to get back!

First up is my Toasted Coconut Bundt Cake. If you have a coconut lover in your life, this gorgeous Toasted Coconut Bundt Cake is going to make that person very happy!

Next, if my Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake. When you combine chocolate and orange, they form the perfect flavour combination; and these flavours are bold and bright in this bundt cake.

Isn’t my Glazed Butterscotch Chip Bundt Cake a sight to behold? I still cannot believe that I was able to make this cake look so pretty! My cake decorating skills are horrible, but I’m extremely pleased with this one!

Truthfully, I had so much fun making this Marbled Christmas Bundt Cake. When John.e and McKenna are out of the house, I love nothing more than to crank Christmas music and break out my sprinkle collection!

Now, this next bundt might be one that isn’t very Christmas-like to you. But, for me, a Holiday Matcha Bundt Cake was just what the doctor ordered. This cake is perfectly green for Christmas and it tastes like a million bucks!

My Holiday Apple Spiced Bundt Cake reminds me of my mother’s kitchen. This is certainly the type of bundt cake that she would make – maybe not with fresh apples, but the flavours would certainly be like hers.

So, of all of the cakes in this series, this Spiced Molasses Bundt Cake is most certainly in my top 3. You’ll have to read the post to find out why!

If you like peppermint and candy canes, then this cake is for you! Candy Cane Peppermint Bundt Cake is loaded with them both – and frosted too just for good measure!

Christmas Mixed Nut Bundt Cake is all about the nuts. I’ve packed so many mixed nuts in this cake! It’s not super sweet, but very nutty and the texture is amazing!

I couldn’t let this series come to an end without my Cinnamon Raisin Bundt Cake. This cake is simple and rustic and would be the type of cake you’d find in your grandmother’s kitchen years ago.

You’ll never catch me drinking a glass of eggnog – the texture is just too much for me to handle. But, if you bake this Eggnog Bundt Cake with it, I could possibly eat the whole thing. Isn’t it gorgeous?

The last cake in my series was my Frosted Cranberry Bundt Cake. This was an absolute pleasure to make and the cake was delicious. The sweetness paired with the tartness of the cranberries is absolute bliss!


I hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting Lord Byron’s 12 Bundt Cakes of Christmas series. And I do hope that you take a moment to check out Lord Byron’s 24 Cookies of Christmas series too!

Some of these cakes might look a little fancy, but trust me, if I can do it, you can too! Each recipe comes with step by step instructions that are meant for the at-home cook, and requires no special gadgets or tools.

Now, get to the kitchen and bake yourself a cake. You’ve got 12 to choose from so there’s one for everyone. Which one will you pick for yourself? Or will you limit yourself to just one? Happy Baking!!

12 Christmas Bundt Cakes (14)
12 Christmas Bundt Cakes (15)
12 Christmas Bundt Cakes (2024)


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