Best Elden Ring Mods - Without Getting Banned (2024)

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Since the release of Elden Ring there have been quite a few notable mods released for this game. We have selected the most interesting and useful of them. Remember to turn off the Steam's EAC!

Best Elden Ring Mods - Without Getting Banned (1)

The Elden Ring became the biggest hit of the beginning of 2022. We all expected it to be a hit, but the scale of its success (12 million copies sold in less than three weeks) took almost everyone by surprise.

Like all FromSoftware games, Elden Ring doesn't offer official modding support. The popularity of the game, coupled with the community's extensive experience gained over the years of moding Sekiro and the Dark Souls games, however, meant that many mods appeared very quickly. It's too early for additional adventures and maps (although we hope that sooner or later they will appear), but there are already many projects available, making the gameplay more pleasant and fixing the most serious issues of the game.


You will almost certainly be banned if you play online with active mods.

You can avoid this by playing the game only in single-player mode. This, however, requires disabling anti-cheat and enforcing the offline mode. In order to do that, you must:

1. Find the catalog "... ELDEN RING\Game\" and create a file named "steam_appid.txt" which contains only the number 1245620.

2. Then, rename the file "start_protected_game" to "start_protected_game.old".

3. Copy the file "eldenring.exe" and rename it to "start_protected_game.exe".

4. Launch the game through the renamed file start_protected_game.exe

This will disable anti-cheat and force offline mode, protecting you from bans.

Alternatively, you can use a mod that disables the anticheat, such as Offline launcher (No EAC) or EldenRingEacToggler.

Most of the authors of the mods below gave us permission to host mirrors. In other cases, you will find links directly to their official websites.

Unfortunately, many mods come as regulation.bin files, so by installing one, we uninstall the previous ones, as the file is overwritten. The author of the EldenRingModLoader project is working on a system that will allow to merge several mods into one file, but it's not clear when this tool will be ready.

  • Basic improvements and upgrades
  • Gameplay mods
  • Making the game easier

Basic improvements and upgrades

FPS Unlocker and more, removing the framerate cap and modifying the field of view

Best Elden Ring Mods - Without Getting Banned (2)

Larger FOV is no problem with mods.

The FPS Unlocker and more was one of the first mods released for the Elden Ring, and it remains the one most players install at the beginning of the game. The project allows you to remove the framerate cap in the game and modify the field of view (FOV).

Alternatively, if you are only interested in changing the FOV, you can use the Extended Field of View mod, and if you are only interested in errasing the framerate cap, use the Unlock the framerate.

  1. FPS Unlocker and more – download mod
  2. Extended Field of View – download mod
  3. Unlock the framerate – download mod

Invisible Enemies Bug Fix

In turn, Invisible Enemies Bug Fix fixes a bug that made enemies invisible in some situations. It's worth noting that many developers add this mod to their projects, so its separate installation is not always necessary – which is important, because it is a regulation.bin file.

  1. Invisible Enemies Bug Fix – download mod

EldenRingStutterFix, or smoother animation

EldenRingStutterFix reduce engine stuttering. Unfortunately, it doesn't solve the problem on all computers and in every situation, but if you have such problems, it's worth checking if this project will fix them.

  1. EldenRingStutterFix – download mod

LoD Restored – more details on the horizon

Best Elden Ring Mods - Without Getting Banned (3)

The mod increases LoD settings beyond the maximum value the game allows in the menu, resetting them to the level that was shown in the early promotional videos. Thanks to this, at longer distances, trees, shadows and other objects appear with a higher number of details, while without the mod, they appear in a very simplified form.

  1. LOD Restored – download mod

Save managers

The Elden Ring has a restrictive saving system. If that bothers you, fans have developed two handy mods that give you more control over your saves.

  1. ERSFM (Elden Ring Save Files Manager)
  2. Save File Backup Manager – download

Phantasmal Helms – invisible helmets

This mods makes helmets invisible without losing the benefits of wearing them. It sounds simple, but many people spend several dozen minutes in the character creator, creating the perfect face of their hero, just to immediately have it covered with a hunk of metal.

  1. Phantasmal Helms – download mod

Elden Ring Ultimate Table

Best Elden Ring Mods - Without Getting Banned (4)

The mod adds a cheat system and allows you to change almost every aspect of the game. Especially the latter is of interest. We have a lot of options. We can, for example, create our own spells, trigger boss fights and edit the world around us. All this thanks to scripts developed over the last decade by fans of the Dark Souls series.

Currently, it's one of the most popular mods for Elden Ring, perfect for people who want to go crazy with the game.

  1. Elden Ring Ultimate Table – download mod

Remove chromatic aberration

Remove chromatic aberration allows you to disable the effect of chromatic aberration in the game. The author also shared a similar project Remove vignette, which, as you expect, removes vignetting (which makes the edges of the screen darker).

  1. Remove chromatic aberration – download mod
  2. Remove vignette – download mod

Gameplay mods

Item and param randomizer

If you've already got to know the Elden Ring well and are looking for fresh challenges, the Item and param randomizer may be an interesting proposition. The project randomly changes items in the game (including those worn by enemies) and allows you to do the same with other elements of the campaign.

  1. Item and param randomiser – download mod

Magic Overhaul – Sorceries – magic changed

Best Elden Ring Mods - Without Getting Banned (5)

Magic Overhaul – Sorceries introduces many new spells to the game. They replace most of those that exist by default in the Elden Ring.

We advise against using this mod in your first playthrough. But if you like to play with magic and want a fresh spell roster, then this project is perfect for you.

  1. Magic Overhaul – Sorceries – download mod

Grand Merchant – Honest Merchant in the Elden Ring

Grand Merchant introduces the counterpart of Honest Merchant from Dark Souls 3. It provides easy access to all items through the crafting menu.

  1. Grand Merchant – download mod

Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) – if you find Elden Ring too easy

Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) is something for lovers of hardcore hardcore challenges. As the title suggests, the mod pushes the difficulty level even further. Not only have the enemies been strengthened, but also their artificial intelligence has been improved, thanks to which they can fight more effectively and be more alert.

  1. Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) – download mod

Feel like Guts from Berserk

Best Elden Ring Mods - Without Getting Banned (6)

Another interesting mod is the design that replaces the attack set of the greatest swords (the Colossal Greatswords category) with the one from the Standard Greatswords category. In practice, this speeds up the attacks.

  1. All Colossal Greatswords Use The Standard Greatsword Moveset To Allow Faster Attacks – download mod

Pause the game

Pause the game allows you to pause the Elden Ring. Simple, but extremely useful.

  1. Pause the game – download the mod

Making the game easier

Of course, there are also mods that facilitate the gameplay and make it easier. The following are especially worth your time:

  1. Easy Mode for Elden Ring – introduces an unofficial low difficulty level. Enemies deal only 50% less damage, and the player deals 25% more damage and gathers more runes.
  2. Elden Ring Normal Mode – this is a less severe alternative to the previous mod, which only reduces the damage dealt by enemies by half. The game gets easier, but remains quite difficult.
  3. Cheat Table – A set of cheats for use with the Cheat Engine.
  4. Auto recover HP and FP – this mod adds the system of automatic regeneration of health (HP) and focus (FP).
  5. Recover Runes Immediately – thanks to this mod, you will recover runes immediately after death, you don't even have to go to the place of death.
Best Elden Ring Mods - Without Getting Banned (2024)


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