How to Mod Elden Ring (2024)

It might only be March, but Elden Ring is sure to feature right at the very top of most people’s game of the year list later in the year. From its beautiful open world to its exceptional gameplay, FromSoftware’s latest game has been celebrated as a huge success across the board, including us here at Twinfinite. Still, it’s not perfect, and for those who like the idea of making tweaks and changes according to their preference then look no further than the PC modding community. Here we’re explaining how to mod Elden Ring so you can get started experimenting.

Modding most PC games is generally fairly straightforward, and Elden Ring is no exception. In most cases, all you will need to do is drag and drop a new regulation.bin file from the download folder to your game folder, or a .dll file to a custom ‘Mods’ folder (which you will create yourself and keep within the game’s Steam folder).

Not to mention, you’ll typically find that most NexusMods have fairly thorough instructions to follow, as well as a ‘Posts’ section that you can refer to for any support you might require.

Still, we do recommend you download a couple of tools before you get started that make modding much easier. For example, this mods loader tool ensures that any .dll files associated with mods automatically load when placed in a custom ‘Mods’ folder (note that not all mods work in this way, but some do and this just makes that particular process easier). Also, this anti-cheat/offline launcher, ensures you never accidentally use mods while in online mode — doing so is very likely to get you banned.

Now, let’s look at the instructions from a few of the mods we listed in our recent best Elden Ring mods article as examples of how to install one:

Installing Elden Ring Mods That Modify Regulation.bin Files

The Magic Overhaul mod is one of the larger mods we included, but the instructions a very straightforward. All you need to do is replace the regulation.bin file from your game folder to the one included in the download folder. Of course, you should always back up your save and back up the original regulation.bin file.

Installing Elden Ring Mods That Include .DLL Files

The unlock framerate mod is a somewhat rare example of an Elden Ring mod that doesn’t require you to change the regulation.bin file. Instead, it’s a .dll file that requires the mod loading tool we mentioned earlier to run. Once you have that tool, all you need to do is dump the contents of the .zip file into your game mods folder and it will run automatically. Again, back everything up before doing this!

Installing Mods That Use the Cheat Engine

For those who want to edit Elden Ring to their preference, look no further than the Elden Ring Cheat Table listed over on NexusMods. It’s essentially a compilation of different mod scripts, and you can use it in combination with a cheat engine to turn on a bunch of features, from flying to spawning items at will. For this type of mod, you will need to download and install the cheat engine, and then follow these instructions (abbreviated and edited from instructions provided by boughtonsword66 on NexusMods):

  1. First download Cheat Engine, then download the files from the download page and place the file that disables anti-cheat into the game directory (the same place where you find the Elden Ring.exe file).
  2. Go back to the cheat table file folder you downloaded and extract all the contents to wherever you want to keep your cheat tables, this file does not and probably should not be in the game directory.
  3. Run Elden Ring through the Elden Ring.exe file, not through steam or any other service, then load your character or make a new character offline.
  4. Now tab out of the game once your character is in the world and open the cheat engine, then navigate to where you pick which program you want the cheat engine to affect. It should look like a screen with a magnifying glass on it, and click Elden Ring, then press the folder button right next to the one you just opened and search for where you extracted your Elden Ring cheat table.
  5. Run that through cheat engine give it a second or two for all the question marks to disappear, you’ll know it’s ready when you can see your current health, FP, stamina and so on and it doesn’t just have ??? from there it’s as simple as checking off the boxes you want to have active and a few options require you to switch numbers from 0 to 1 in order to activate them.

This article should have given you everything you need to know about how to mod Elden Ring. Let us know if you need any further help in the comment section below.

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How to Mod Elden Ring (2024)


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