Is Wemod Safe? Here's What We Found After Using It - Game Specifications (2024)

Wemod is an application that allows for modifications in the game, which we usually call ‘Mod‘ or ‘cheat codes. The finest tool for mods on many PC single-player games is Wemod. It allows for adding customization features like mods and trainers.

Is Wemod Safe? Yes, Wemod is a safe application. Wemodis a safe application that offers free trainers and mods for games that are single-player based only).

Mods are a change or addition that a person or group of people make to a game. For instance, there are modifications for games like World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and Battlefield that let the user utilize various weapons, vehicles, and character models or even completely alter the game.

Note: Wemod does not sponsor this post. This is an honest review by a fellow gamer for other gamers.

What Is Wemod?

Wemod is an application that allows people to use mods on single-player games by changing in-game settings and receiving things without much effort. It can be installed on windows and has a gaming community of over 15 million gamers who use Wemod during their games.

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Most of the single-player games that have story modes and can be completed alone but are challenging as you cannot receive help from others can be overcome by using Wemod. It has easy access, allowing for a small pop-up (overlay) in the game, and allowing the gamers to make their changes.

Some of the top Tier and upcoming games that Wemod has under them are:

  • Cyberpunk
  • Dying light 2
  • Elden Ring
  • Spider-man
  • Grand Theft Auto V

These are a few of the games that Wemod has under them, and there are still plenty more available and more to come in the future. Since the game files are altered, people often ask, Is Wemod safe? Before, let’s understand who owns Wemod and the company’s background.

Who Is the Owner Of Wemod?

The Legal name is Wemod LLC, and the founder of Wemod is Zach Rueda, who developed the company in Massachusetts, Boston. The company was developed and brought into the world in 2018, and since its start, it has made many achievements.

The team of creators at Wemod is highly skilled at quickly making mods for popular games and uploading them, leaving all other websites and companies far off. Wemod is a Legal company and has never been reported as a virus or fraud company and is considered a safe Mod application to use.

Is Wemod Safe?

Wemod is the safest Mod application to be founded as it has plenty of reasons to be considered as a safe application. It has an in-game overlay that allows for Mod change while playing the game and does not need to minimize the screen. By simply pressing (Windows + G) you can open the overlay and fine-tune any mods you have. Moreover, it is a registered company (most of the software doesn’t have a responsible legal entity)

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Wemod has a 4.9/5 Trustpilot, which is an extremely high number as not many of the other competitors can reach close to this number that Wemod has made in a mere 4 years since its release. On Trustpilot, WeMod now has over 11,000 reviews with five stars. So, Is Wemod Safe? Yes, so far there are no negative reviews as such.

Antivirus against Wemod

WeMod is not a virus. Theywould never contemplate using virus distribution as a business strategy because of the support theyreceive from theirPro members. Your antivirus software’s detections are all false positives; your antivirus program could detect WeMod or its trainers for several reasons. The method theyuse to safeguard their code is the most frequent reason. Unluckily, some antivirus programs flag any file they can’t check automatically.

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Wemod has come up with a way to go past the issue of your PC showing a false-positive and not letting the application to run.

A file that receives a warning from an antivirus program is often quarantined to prevent the system from being infected. The most straightforward workaround is adding your antivirus whitelist to the two WeMod installation directories.

  • C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalWeMod
  • C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataRoamingWeMod

Is Wemod Safe for Windows?

Wemod is a safe application for Windows on desktops and PC as well. Many gamers use Wemod as their go-to application for mods. No known virus is detected as per Virustotal.

Is Wemod Allowed on Steam?

Yes, Wemod is allowed to scan and find mods for games that are on Steam and are installed on your device. It automatically scans and finds mods for your games. But beware of using it for online games. If you ask is Wemod safe for online games? My answer would be no.

Other Alternatives for Wemod

CheatHappens is one of our preferred cheat providers. They provide a lifetime subscription, more trainers than 27,000, and often more hack features than the competitors.

One of the “OG” trainer websites is GameCopyWorld, and they most likely haven’t altered their look in a decade. However, people continue to post trainers here. This all-in-one software lets you quickly search, install, and upgrade your trainers.


Why was WeMod flagged by my antivirus? – WeMod Support


Is Wemod safe to use?

Yes, Wemod is a safe application to use.

Will Wemod be caught by Antivirus applications?

Wemod will be caught sometimes by Antivirus applications, but it will be a false-positive. You need not worry as it is a Virus free.

Is Wemod malware?

No, Wemod is not Malware.

Is Wemod free to use?

Yes, Wemod is free to use. But it has a Pro subscription as well.

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Is Wemod Safe? Here's What We Found After Using It - Game Specifications (2024)


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