San Francisco Ephemera Collection (2024)

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Embassy Theater 1988-1995

Eureka Theater 1989-1992

Filmarte Theater 1931-1933

Florence Gould Theater 1987

4-Star Theater 1987-2006

Fox Theater

General 1929-2016

Closing 1961-1991

Fox-Parkside Theater 1978

Galaxy Theater 1983-2006

Garden Court Theatre 1962

Gateway Theater 1992

Geary Theater 1942-1985

Geese Theater Co. 1989

Golden Gate Theater 1920-1980, 2018

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Grand Opera House undated, 1975

Great American Music Hall 1980-2001

Green Room Club of Cow Hollow 1946

Haight Theatre 1924

Harding Theater 1968 2005-2008

Herbst Theater 1924-1987

Holiday Inn Union Square 1991

Hungry Id Theater 1989

Improv 1989

Interplayers 1985

Intersection for the Arts 1985-1989, 2014

Jenny Lind Theater undated

Julian Theater 1988

Kabuki Theater 1969-1990

Kokusai Theater 1984-1987

Lab undated

Larkin Theater 1989

Lilliput Theater 1955

Lincoln 1934

Little Fox 1958-1981

Lorraine Hansberry Theater 1987-2017

Lumiere Theater 1984-1991

Magic Theater 1990-2017

Maguire's New Theater 1874, 1934

Marsh Theater 1994

Mason Street Theater 1981-1989

Metreon 1999

Metro Theater 1970-2008

Metropolitan Theater undated

Monaco undated

Morosco's Grand Opera House 1895

Musical Hall 1860

National Hall Theater 1921

New California Theatre undated

New Conservatory Theater 2012

New Mission Theater 1916, 1993-2015

New Theater undated

Nob Hill Theater 2021

North Beach Repertory Theater 1990

Northpoint Theater 1967, 2004

Nourse Auditorium 1988-2018

O'Farrell Theater 1981

One Act Theater Co. 1980-1988

Opera Plaza Cinemas 1984

Orpheum Theater (Market Street) 1953-1998

Orpheum Theater (O'Farrell Street) 1919, 2011

Pagoda Palace 1986-2013

Palace Theater 1974-1975

Palmer Theater 1935

Paradise Lounge undated

Paramount Theater 1965

Parkside Theater 1928 1985-1986

Performance Works 1989

Phoenix Theater 1989

Pickwick Hotel 1993

Players' Club 1924

Playhouse Theater 1949

Plaza Theater 1982

Plush Room 1989

Pocket Opera 1986

Post Street Palace Theatre 1993

Powell Street Theatre 1891-1892

Powell Theatre 1933 1960s

President Follies 1989

Presidio Theater 1986-2019

Red Vic Movie House, Red Victorian Theater 1985-2011

Regency 1 1998

Regency 2 1986 2000

Regency 3 1989-1990s

Riviera Theater 1999

Roxie Cinema 1981-2006

Royal Theatre 1964

Shelton Theater 2000s

Stage Door 1981

State Theater 1961

Straight Theater 1993-2007

Strand Theater 1977-2003

Surf Theater 1969 1981-1988

Teatro de la Esperanza 1987

Telenews Theater 1939-1967

Theater Artaud 1971-1992

Theater Quantar 1987

Theater Rhinoceros 1987-2007

Times Theater 1977

Tivoli Opera House 1896-1952

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Toho Rio 1968

Turnabout Theater 1956

Union Theater 1950

Uptown Theater 1977

Valencia Rose 1981

Valencia Theater undated, 1910, 1970-1992

Van Ness Theater 1978-1984

Victoria Theater 1995

Vogue Theater undated, 2004

Warfield Theater 1920-2008

Waterfront Theater 1988

Wigwam Theater 1990

World Theater 1985

York Theater 1987-2000

Young Performers Theater 1989

Zephyr Theater 1986-1989

1333 Bush Street (Dr. William L. Gee Center) 1995

388 Market Street 1985-1986

343 Sansome Street 1990

350 Mission Street 2017

300 Howard Street 1991

301 Embarcadero circa 1958

333 Bush Street 1987

333 Grant Street 2004

333 Market Street 1978

Tin How Temple [2010]

Tishman Realty Corporation

Transamerica Pyramid

General 1969

Newspaper and magazine clippings 1969-2010

Pamphlets and brochures 1968-1990s

Transamerica III 1991

Transbay Terminal

General 1971-2010

Proposed new terminal 2001-2013

Transbay Transit Center


Salesforce Transit Center

Trinidad Bean Building 1973

Trinity Plaza/Trinity Place Mid Market Street 2004-2017

Trinity Suites 1980s

25 Van Ness Avenue (Masonic Temple) undated

246-250 Front Street 1995

299 2nd Street 1990

235 Pine Street 1990-1991

222 Second Street 1989-2016

Union Bank Building 1974

Union Hall 1995

Union Iron Works 1994

U.S. Steel Building (Proposed) 1970

V.C. Morris Building 1974-1979

Vanguard-Donsdale Building 1984

Veterans Administration (4th Street, 49) 1926-1973

War Memorial Building

See also:

Oversize Ephemera Box: Buildings. War Memorial

General 1926-2018

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Legal cases 1923-1934

Newspaper clippings 1932-2014

Warfield Building (Market, 982-998) 2010-2014

Wenban Building 1904

Western Addition Community Technology Center 2014

Western Merchandise Mart 1973-1975

Westfield San Francisco Centre

Guide 2006

News clippings 1997-2005

Williams Building 1993-1999

Winterland Arena, Dreamland Auditorium 1929-2018

Women's Building 1984-2007

YMCA (Golden Gate Avenue, 220) 1985-2012

YMCA Chinatown (Sacramento Street, 855) 1961-2013

YMCA Embarcadero (Embarcadero, 166) undated, 1973-1991

YWCA, Nihonmachi Little Friends (Sutter Street, 1830) 1997-2002

YWCA, Chinese American National Museum (Clay Street, 965) 2000

Business directories, lists, general information

Chamber of Commerce Industrial Survey 1968

Directory 1889

Executives 1990

History 1979-2006

Pioneers 1905

San Francisco Business "Big 50" 1977

San Francisco Chronicle "Business Outlook" and "Top 100" 1987-2004

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Small business 1985-2014



12 Adler Cafe undated

Abercrombie Fitch (Sporting goods retailer) 1977

Abrams Bro. (Grocers) 1858-1859

Adams Co. Bankers 1854

Adams Radio Sales 1939

Adeline's Bakery 1984

Advance Carbon Products, Inc. undated

Aero Special Delivery Service, Inc. 1975

A. Finke's Widow (Wine dealer) undated

Agnew & Co. 1896

A.H. Todd Co. (Produce and grain brokers) 1861

Airbnb Undated, 2017

Alaska Commercial Company 1965

Alaska Steamship Co. 1928

A.L. Bancroft Co. (Piano, organ, and sheet music dealer, printers and stationers) undated

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Albatross Books 1994

Albion Ale Porter Brewery 1900s, 1962-2005

Alex Dulfer Printing Co. 1927


Oversize Ephemera Box: Businesses. Alex Dulfer Printing Co.

Alex. Fries and Bros. (Dealers in essences) 1884

A.L. Hettrich Company (Sea shells and novelties) undated

A. Lietz Co. (Surveying and nautical instrument manufacturer) 1912

Alpha Male & Female Nurses', Dressers', and Masseurs' Agency 1893

Alvin E. Bertrand Company, Ltd. (Document destruction) 1973

American Bitumuls Co. undated

American Bosch Magneto Corp. 1926

American Building Maintenance Industries undated

American Deep Sea Exploration Co. circa 1913

American Disinfectant Co. undated

American Documentary Films 1972

American-Hawaiian Steamship Company 1936

American President Lines 1965-1998

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American Russian Commercial Company 1857

American Salt Company 1886

American Stamp Mfg. Co. undated

American Terrazzo Co. 2004

American Trust Company 1928-1956

Anchor Brewing Co. 1975-2019

Anchor Drug Co. 1968

Anchor Post Fence Company 1935

Anglo-California National Bank 1943-1955

Anglo-California Trust Company Bank undated

Anglo-Nevada Assurance Corporation 1886-1890

A. Paladini, Inc. (Fish processing and wholesaling) 1974

A. Phillips & Co. undated

A.P. Hotaling Co. (Whiskey distillers) 1877

Apple Computer Inc. 2004

Appleton and Wolford (Architects) undated

A. Quade Co. 1895

Architectural Models, Inc. 1969

Arion Press 1998-2017

A. Roman Co. (Publishers) 1869

Arrington Co. (Grocers) 1852

Arthur Anderson Co. (Accounting and consulting) 1980s

Artrock Gallery (Rock music collectibles) 2000s

Ashton Gardiner (Insurance agents) 1903

Asian Neighborhood Design (Architects) 1989

Associated Oil Company 1902-1941

Astoria Metal Corporation 1997-1998

Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning 1988-2008

Atlas Metal Spinning Company 1932

Auto Spring & Wheel Service c.1960s

Automattic (Blog and internet software) 2008

B.P. Moore Co. (Furniture manufacturers and importers) 1864

B. Pasquale Co.(Military and society goods) 1912-1919, undated

Baden Co. 1905-1906

Baker, Frank (Upholstery and carpet dealer) 1868

Bakers of Paris 1983

Baldwin, D. H. Co. 1900

Balfour, Guthrie Co., Limited (Merchants) 1969

Baltimore Tailors undated

Balzer/Shopes (Graphic designers) 1987

Banana Republic (Clothiers) 1984-1997

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Banco Corporation, Ltd. (Printers and stationers) 1935

Bank of America

General 1941-1999

Security Pacific Merger 1992

Bank of San Francisco 2005

Barkan Paint Co. undated

Barnyard Nursery undated

Bass-Hueter Paint Co. 1925, undated

See also:

Oversize Ephemera Box: Businesses. Bass-Hueter Paint Co.

Bear Photo Service undated

Beardsley, J.S. (Food dealer) 1867

Beauti Pleat Draperies 1955

Bechtel Corp. (Engineering and construction) 2006

Beck Elam 1854

Beckel, Cordy & Hutchinson Inc. undated

Bekins Van Storage, Inc. 1940s

Ben Davis undated

Bender-Moss Company 1933

Benedetti Floral Co. undated

Benefit Cosmetics 2004

Bennett's Travel Bureau 1920

Berteling, L.A. (Optometrist) 1885

Bethlehem Steel Corporation 1943-1955, 1990-2001

Betty Brown undated

Bigelow, E. (Dry goods dealer) 1858

Big Tree Store (Novelties and curios manufacturer and dealer) undated

Bill Sandusky Handwovens undated

Biordi Art Imports (Majolica dinnerware and accessories) 1987-1993

Bi-Rite 2011

BlackMan's Art Gallery 1968-1969

Blake Co. (Army and navy goods) 1860s

Blake, Moffitt Towne (Paper wholesalers and distributors) undated, 1954

Bloomer, H.G. (Hardware importer and dealer) 1860

Blossom Shop (Florist) undated

Blue Martini Software 2001

Blue Ribbon Coffee Co. undated

Blum's (Confectioners) 1973, undated

See also:

Oversize Ephemera Box: Businesses. Blum's

B. McDougall Son (Architects) 1890-1892

B.O.A.C Airlines undated

Bob Buckter, Color Consultant 1980s

Bob Mandell's Costume Shop 1970s

Body Shop (Beauty goods retailer) 2004

Boericke Schreck (Homeopathic pharmacy) 1880s

Bohm-Bristol Co. undated

Bond Clothes undated

Book Center undated

Borden's Dairy Delivery Company, Inc. circa 1934

Boston Woven Hose Rubber Co. undated

Boudin Bakery 1976-2005

Boulevard Grocery 1925

Bowen Bros. (Grocers) 1872

Bowley, Delevan B. (Insurance agent) 1917

Bowley, D. Gould (Sales representative) undated

Braun-Knecht-Heimann Co., Braun, F.W. (Metallurgical laboratory supplies and chemicals) 1935

Brecht, A. (Wood and coal importer and dealer) 1856-1857 2000s

Britex Fabrics 1994-2012

British Motor Car Distributors, Ltd. circa 1973

Broemmel's Prescription Pharmacy undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Brokaw Metcalf (Manufacturers) 1862

Brooks Cameras

Brown Kennedy (Florist) circa 1923

Brown Buick Co. undated

Brownies Hardware 2005

Buckingham Hecht (Shoe manufacturers) 1910

Bugbee and Sons (Architects) 1894, 1992

Building Directory Co. undated

Bullard's 2019

Bullock Jones (Clothiers) circa 1950s-2000

Bullock's (Department store) 1976

Burch, V.E. (Contractor) undated

Burnett Burnett (Attorneys) 1863-1868

Burroughs Adding Machine Co. Undated

Business Machine Exchange circa 1930

Butler Brothers (Dry goods and general merchandise) 1938-1939

Butterfield, William (Auctioneer) 1894

Butterfield Butterfield (Auction house) 1984-1992

Butterick Publishing Co. undated

Byron Jackson Iron Works circa 1910

C. A. Malm & Co. circa 1937

C&H Sugar 1931, 2017

C.C. Brown Company undated

C.C. Morse & Co. undated, 1915

C. Carpy Co. (Wine merchants) 1887

C.F. Bulotti Machinery Co. 1929

C.J. Holzmueller's Theatrical Appliances c.1925

Cable Car Clothiers 1972, 2012

Cafferata Ravioli Factory 1974

California Anchor Fence Co. undated

California and New York Steamship Company 1857

California Art Glass Works 1879-1913, undated

California Auto Company 1917

California Auto Tours Co. Undated

California Block Book and Map Co. 1910

California Bottling Co. undated

California Building and Loan Society 1868

California Canneries Co. 1905

California Cap Co. (Blasting cap manufacturer) circa 1905

California Co-operative Meat Company 1904

California Cultural Enterprises 1978

California Dresser Trunk Co. undated

California Electric Light Co. 1954, 2005

California Fig Syrup Co. 1900s

California Fireworks Company 1930

California Fresh Air Bed Co. Undated

California Guarantee Investment Co. 1899

California Iron Steel Corporation undated

California Investment Association circa 1890

California Market 1974

California Medicinal Springs Co. undated

California Mining Company 1878-1879

California Mutual Building Loan Association 1927

California Notion Toy Company 1922

California Packing Corporation 1918-1927

California Parlor Car Tours Co. 1920s

California Savings 2003

California Saw Works 1924-1937

California Seed Company 1928

California Sheep Breeding Company 1860

California Transportation Company undated

California Wire Cloth Co. undated

California Wire Works 1880s

Californians Inc. 1930


Oversize Ephemera Box: Businesses. Californians Inc.

Campbell, J.C., Dr. (Dentist) undated

Canessa Print [1936?]

Canton Bazaar, Sang Chong Lung Co., Proprietors 1935

Cariani Sausage Co. 1978

Carlson Currier Company (Embroidery supplies) 1901

Carroll's Bookstore 1992

Carrozzi Burgers 1985

Cartier (Jewelers) 1984

Castagnetto Matteucci (Jewelers and silversmiths) 1914

Castle Brothers 1857

Casual Man 1967

Caswell, Geo. W. undated

Cater2me 2011

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. 2005

Catton, Bell Co. (Insurance agents) undated

C. David Robinson Architects 2000s

Celestial Arts S.F. Businesses 1968

C.F. Bulotti Machinery Co. 1929

Chace, J.D. (Lumber dealer) 1861 2011

Chapman Valve Manufacturing Co. 1917

Charles A. Low Co. (Machinery manufacturers) 1881

Charles Brown Sons (Merchants) 1957

Charles, Corriea & Bro. c.1915

Charles M. Plum 1861-1862

Charles Schwab Corp. 2013

Chia Manufacturing Corp. undated

Chinese Art Gallery undated

Chinese World Undated

Chingwah Lee Studio undated

Chong Wo Laundry 2000

City Cycle (Bicycle shop) 1995

City Grazing 2012

City Lights Books 1967-2003

City of Paris (Department store)

Brochures and advertisem*nts 1925-1950

Committees to save City of Paris 1974-1980

Desk diary 1945

Magazine articles 1949-1979

Newspaper clippings 1969-1981

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Pariscope 1948-1951

World War II 1941-1945

City Store 1995-1997

City Tow 1988

C.J. Holzmueller's Theatrical Appliances c.1925

C. James King of William Co. 1880

Clarion (Clothiers) undated

Clarke Sons (Sewer pipe manufacturers) 1896

Clif Bar and Company 2007

C. Meyer Co. (Sewing factory and bag manufacturers) 1861

Cody's Books 2005-2007

Coffey Risdon (Iron works) 1858

Coffin-Redington Co. [1928]

Coldwell, Cornwall & Banker 1934

Cole Dry Goods Co. undated

Coliseum Amusem*nt Co. 1907

Collins-Hencke Candy Company 1924-1925

Colonization and Commercial Co. of Bolivia 1870

Columbia 1940

Columbia Phonograph Co. undated

Commercial Art Co. 1912

Community Thrift Store 1983

Cone Hay (Fruit and produce dealer) 1864

Conroy O'Connor (Miner's hardware) 1948

Coppola Company undated

The Corner Store Undated

Costco Wholesale 1991-1993

Costerauste, Etienne (Dry goods importer) 1864

Cost Plus Imports 1960s

Courtoué (Clothiers and tailors) 2006

Crafts Cooperative 1937

Cranston Keenan (Architects) 1977

Crescent Feather Co. 1903

Crescent Oil Company 1901

Croall, James (Marine plumbing) 1890s

Crocker-Citizens National Bank 1964

Crocker Manufacturing Company 1921-1930

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Crowley Maritime 1915, 2009

Crown Point Press 1991-2012

Crown Zellerbach Corporation (Pulp and paper products) 1939-1964

Crystal Palace Baths 1939-1943

Crystal Palace Market 1953-1987

C.S. Capp Co. (Real estate agents) 1884

Cub Publishing Co. 1870s

Cunningham, Curtiss Welch (Stationers) undated

Cunningham, Z.H. & Sons 1881-1884

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Curtiss-Wright Flying Service undated

Cutter Coyle (Butchers) 1860

Cutting Packing Co. 1878-1885

C.W. Marwedel undated

Cyclops Iron Works 1890s, undated

D. Ghirardelli Co. undated, 1989-2012

D. H. Baldwin Co. circa 1905

D. H. Tolman [1904]

D. Hewes 1863

Dairy Delivery Co. 1907

Dakin Publishing Co. undated

David's Antique Gallery undated

David's Hand Laundry [1975]

Davis, Haber Co. (Auctioneers and commission merchants) 1894

Davis Schonwasser undated

Day, Thomas (Gas fixture and plumbing supplies dealer) 1875

De Laval Separator Company, De Laval Pacific Company (Dairy equipment manufacturer) 1920s

Deakin Bros. Co. 2013

Delmas Delmas (Jewelers) 1968-1972

Del Monte Corp. 1991-1999

Derby of San Francisco 2012

De Ro, Bendixen Co. (Auctioneers and commission merchants) 1854

Determined Productions (Books, toys, and novelties) 1969

Dewey Co., Publishers 1868

Dewey Hat Works undated

DeWitt Snelling (Booksellers) 1905

Dials Sun (Sundials) 1975

Different Light Bookstore 1999-2000

Dinneen, J.J. (Grocer) undated

Disernia's Pharmacy 1998

Distillery 209 2004

Doap Leun Hong Co. 1921

Doe, B and J.S. (Doors, windows, and blinds) 1861

Doggie Diner 1969-2014

Dohrmann Commercial Company 1927

Do-Katsu Karate undated

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (Audio equipment engineering) 2004

Dollar Steamship Lines 1935

Dom's Reproductions 1970s

Donovan, James (Painter, paper hanger, and glazier) 1863

Dorian Art Gallery undated

Double Rainbow (Ice cream) undated

Drama Books 1980

Draper Esquin Wine Merchants, Esquin Imports 1965-1980

Drewes Bros. Meats, Drewes Meats 1998

Dr. Liebig Co. circa 1887

Dropbox 2011

duch*ess Party Foods 1947

Dudley Perkins Co. (Motorcycle dealer) 1993-2004

Duggan's Funeral Service 2000-2018

Dunham, Carrigan Co. (Hardware and machinery dealer) undated

Dunphy @ Hildreth 1839-1863

Duskin, Alvin (Clothier) undated

Dutch Boy Paint Store 1950s

Eagle Pharmacal Co. circa 1906

Earl Warren Associates (Upholstery and rug cleaning) 1960s

East India Tea Company 1858

Eastern Airlines 1979

E. Bloch Mercantile Co. 1940s

Educational Exchange Undated

Edward Brown Sons 1925

Edwin Klockars Blacksmithing 1981-2003

E. E. Ferrari Associates circa 1960

Eilers Music Co. 1920s

Elam Howes (Broom manufacturers) 1866

Electrical Appliance Co. c.1920

Eli Lilly Co. (Medicinal products manufacturer) undated

Ellis Brooks (Automobile dealer) 1989

Eloesser-Heynemann Company (Importers-exporters, clothing manufacturers) 1926

E. McDevitt Co. (Dealers in bags, bottles, and metals) 1863

Emerson Flag Manufacturing 1976

Emporium 1904-1996

Eng-Skell Company (Soda fountain supplies and machinery) 1920s

English, John F. (Produce dealer) 1864

Epes Ellery Antiquarian Book Store 1864

Ephram Weiss Son c. 1932

Epicenter Zone 1990-1999

Ernest L. West Co. undated

Esprit de Corp. (Clothing manufacturer) 1987-1993

Etienne Costeraute 1864

E.T. Pease Co. (Flour manufacturer, grain dealer) 1858

Eugene Dietzgen Co. (Drafting and surveying supplies manufacturers) 1937

Eureka Consolidated Mining Company 1878

Eureka Press undated

Excelsior Bakery 1917

Excelsior Roofing Co. 2006

Exchequer Mining Company 1909

Exclusive Porcelain Studio 1942

Executive Home Counseling 1967

Explorama, Inc. 1966-1984

Fay On Chong Bazaar 1938

F. Bob Chow's Gun Shop undated

F. D. Gould Co. undated

F. E. Booth Co. 1927

Ferguson McCunn (Carpenters and builders) undated

Ferris undated

F. Giocondi Co. (Coal, wood, hay grain dealer) 1912

Fialer's, Inc. Tours 1939

Field Paoli Architects undated

Fields Book Store undated

Figoni Hardware 1998

Fillmore Fell Corporation (Nonprofit provider of youth programs) 1970s

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. 1931-1988

Fischer Motor Co. c.1930

Fitch, W. (Carriage painting) 1920s

Flach & Hirschfeld 1897

Flanagan Gallagher (Undertakers) undated

Florence Sewing Machines 1873

Focus Gallery 1981

Folger Coffee Co. 1879-1904, 1994

Fong Fong undated

Fontana Food Products 1930s

Forderer Cornice Works undated

Fordham, Jennings Co. (Grocers) 1858-1876

Foremost Dairies, Inc. undated

Foster's Restaurants and Bakeries 1947

Foster Short, Inc. (Printers) 1930s

Fotenos Bros. (Grocers and butchers) undated

Foucar, Ray Simon Incorporated (Iron and steel dealers) 1923

Fox and Melville (Wine dealers) 1858

Frank Werner Slipper Salon 1930

Fred H. Chase Co. (Live stock auctioneers) 1905

Fred Ward & Son Circa 1915

Freed, Teller, Freed (Coffee dealer) 1999

French Book Store Undated

Fruit Industries, Ltd. (Winery) 1949

F. Thomas Parisian Dyeing & Cleaning Works undated

Fulton Iron Works, Hinckley Spiers Hayes (Mining machinery manufacturers) 1889

Fulton Parisian Dye Works undated

Gabriel Moulin Studios (Photography studio) undated

Galland Mercantile Laundry undated

Ganter Bros. Undertakers 1906-1911

Gap (Clothiers) 1992-2019

Garcia Bros. & Aiken c.1920

Garry Sightseeing Service 1950s

G.B. Celle Co. (Macaroni manufacturers, grocers) undated

GBohm-Bristol Co. undated

G. Barsotti Co. 1921

G.C. Lammers Dermatologist

Geddling Burk Realtors undated

General Brewing Corporation 1937

Genoa Bakery undated

George E. Dow Pumping Engine Co. 1909

George E. Witt Co. (Oil burner and machinery manufacturer) 1904

George Hargens Old Book Shop 1920s

George W. Miller's Auto Parts Replacement Co. 1920

German-American Staff of Physicians and Surgeons 1895

Germania Building and Loan Association 1890s

G.F. Thomas Dyeing and Cleaning Works undated

Ghia Gallery (2648 Third Street) 1991

Giannini's Food Fair 1983

Giant Powder Company (Blasting powder manufacturer) circa 1872

Gihon Butler (Auction commission merchants) 1850s

Ginn Wall Company (Cookware dealer) 1970s

Gladding, McBean Co. (Garden pottery manufacturers) undated

Glaser Bros. (Tobacconists) 1955

G.M. Norton (Commission merchant) 1854

Goddard Co. (Machinery manufacturers) 1855

Goldberg Bowen Co. Incorporated (Grocers) 1889-1962

See also:

Oversize Ephemera Box: Businesses. Goldberg, Bowen & Co.

Goldberg Bros. (Grocers) undated

Golden Gate Compressed Yeast Co. undated

Golden Gate Navigation Co., Inc. 1915

Golden Gate Nursery 1938

Golden Gate Oil Supply Co. 1898-1900

Golden Star Co. Undated

Golden State Milk Products Company 1936, undated

Good Guys (Electronics retailer) 1981-1999

Good Vibrations (Sex products retailer) 1995

Goodby, Silverstein Partners (Advertising agency) 1994-2008

Goodman's Lumber 2000

Goodyear Rubber Company undated

Goorin Bros. 2011

Gorham Rubber Company 1907

Gould Curry Mining Company 1924

Granada Bakery undated

Granat Bros. (Jewelers) 1973

Grant Market 1975

Grant's Pipe Shop (Tobacconists) 1993

Granucci Hardware Co. undated

Gray Bros., Gray Bros Artificial Stone Paving Company (Quarrying company) 1907-1948

Gray Line (Tour company) 1926-1991

Gray, Nathaniel (Funeral Parlor) 1862-1899

Great Medicine Show Co. (Puppet theater) undated

Greatest Bookshop In The World 1983

Green Tortoise Adventure Travel 2004

Griffin, Carlos P. (Attorney) 1923

Grimme Model Agency undated

Grossman's Shoes undated

Guittard Chocolate undated, 2003-2018

Gump's (Department store)

General undated

Art exhibitions 1932-1956

Catalogs 1950s-1980s

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Newspaper clippings 1970-2019

Gymboree Corp. (Children's clothing retailer) 2004

Haas Brothers (Merchants) 1951

Haas Haynie Corp. (Construction company) 1961

Hahn Roche (Liquor wholesalers) 1876

Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic 1987

Haight Ashbury Switchboard undated

Hale Brothers Department Store 1898-1934, 2001

Hall-Scott Motor Car Co. 1914-1916

Hallawell Seed Co. 1917, 1948-1949

Halsted N. Gray-Carew English 1958-1976

Hamburger Brothers (Dry goods dealers) 1857

Hammersmith & Field 1896

Hamm's Brewery 1983-1987, 2016

Hanson Brothers (house movers) 1923-1928

Harbor View Window Polishing House Cleaning Co. 1914-1916

Harlow, Bricca Co. (Mail order wholesalers) undated

Harmon, N.B. (Chair salesman) 1887

Harmony Audio Video 2020

Harold's (Newsstand) 2000

Harold's Model Beck Quality Cleaners undated

Harr Wagner Publishing Company 1921

Harrison Company (Importers and commission merchants) 1886

Harron, Rickard McCone (Machinery merchants) 1907

Hartford Insurance Co. 1965

Harvest Urban Market 2004

Harvey Miles Company (Printers) 1942

Haseltine, William (Japanese goods) 1864

Hastings (Clothiers) 1929-1930

Hawley Co. (Hardware and building materials) 1863-1864

Hecht Bros Co. 1878

H. Breslauer Co. (Dry goods dealer) 1857

H.D. Dye Co. undated

H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company (Manufacturers of sprayers, dusters and agricultural products) 2005-2006

Helbing Hat Co. 1922

Hemphill Studio of Dancing

Henderson-Ames undated

Henrix-Luebbert Manufacturing Company (Canvas goods) circa 1920

Henry Kahn Co. (Opticians and photo supplies) undated

Henry Schrumpf Flowers undated

Hercules Equipment and Rubber Co. undated

Hermes (Clothing and accessories boutique) 1987

Herrick, William A. (Boat builder) 1862

Herter Brothers (Interior designers) 1996

Hesperian House Book Publishers 1960-1961

Hewes, D. (Railroad contractor) 1863

Heyday Books (Publishers) 2004

H.H. Bancroft Company (Publishers and stationers) 1868

Hibernia Bank 1872, 1918-1988

Hills Bros. Coffee Co. 1926-1999

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Hixon, William M. (Upholstery goods dealer) 1860

H. Levi Co. (Grocers) 1863-1865

H. Liebes Co. (Furriers, clothing retailer) 1881-1924, 1970

H. L. Judell Co. 1909

H.M. Lockwood Co. (Clothing retailer) 1864

H. Moffat Co. (Butchers) undated

Hoagland Newsom (Architects) 2001

Hockwald Chemical Co. undated

Hogan, Sullivan, and Bianco Funeral Home undated

Holl, Walter E., Dr. undated

Holt Manufacturing Company 1917

Home Schwarz Sausage 1999

Home Depot 1999-2005

Home Insurance Company undated

Home Savings and Loan 1977

Homestake Mining Co. 2001

Hoover Health Food Store undated

House of Air 2011

House of Andre 1961-1962

Housing Development Neighborhood Preservation Corporation 1989

H.P. Gregory Co. (Machinery merchants) 1882-1892, 2002

H.S. Crocker Co. (Stationers, printers, and lithographers) 1881-1914

Huerne Everett (Architects) 1889, 1960

Hugh Keenan circa 1900

Hughson Ford (Ford Motor Co. Dealer) 1968

Humboldt Savings Bank 1926

Humboldt Steamship Co. undated

Huntington, Hopkins Co. (Hardware importers and jobbers) 1880s

H.W. Williams & Co. undated

Hydromotor Car Manufacturing Company undated

Ichi Ban (Home furnishings) 1882

Ils, John G. (Cast iron manufacturer) 1863

I. Magnin and Company (Department store) 1937-1995

Independent Laundry undated

Industrial Indemnity Company 1955

Ingersoll-Rand (Industrial manufacturer and service provider) undated

Innerspace Environments (Waterbed manufacturer) 1970

I. Richards Co. (Wood and coal dealer) 1856-1858

Irwin Memorial Blood Bank 1948-1993

Isaac Upham Co. undated

Italian-Swiss Colony (Wine distributor) undated, 1975

It's-It (Ice cream sandwiches) 1979

I Wish I Was In Paris undated

IXL Tamales Co. undated

J. Allec New Parisian Dyeing & Cleaning Works undated

J.C. Meussdorffer Sons (Hatters) 1893-1906, undated

J.C. Penney Company undated

J.E. Knapp Co. (Machinery dealer) undated

J.H. Wiley The Furniture Man 1912, 2004

J. Frank Co. 1861

J J Walking Tours 1970s

Jacob Rosenberg Wool 1897

Jacobs, Malcolm, Burtt 1933

Jahn, Anna (Costume designer) 1876-1922, 2006

James Gibb 1902-1905

James H. Barry Co. (Printers and lithographers) 1979

James M. Moore Co. (Importer of seeds, drugs, and dyes) 1856

Jas. W. Doherty Licensed Realtor 1932-1938

John B. Luchsinger Son (Furniture manufacturers) 1875

John Deere Plow Company 1932

John Howell Books 1936, 1971

John K. Burch Company (Upholstery supplies) 1947

John M. Klein Co. (Manufacturers and dealers of electrical supplies) undated

John R. Greenough Co. (Hay and grain dealer) 1856

Johnson Higgins (Insurance brokers) circa 1983

Johnson Joseph Co. (Ship chandlery) 1968

John Taylor Co. (Dealers in assayers materials) undated

J. O'Kane's California Boots 1896

Jones-Thierbach Co. undated

Joseph F. Atwill Co. (Music, toy and fancy goods emporium) undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Joseph Magnin, J. Magnin (Clothing store) 1958-1989

Joseph Schmidt Chocolates 2003-2005

Joshua Hendy Machine Works 1902-1944, 1984

Jo Sinel Design undated

Joveco Dairy Undated

J.P. Sweeney Co. (Agricultural warehouse and seed store) 1864

J.R. Hanify Co. (Lumber dealers) 1906

J.T. Dunn Company, J.T. Dunn Investment Co. (Import-export shipping, real estate brokerage) 1914-1918, undated

Jug Shop (Liquor retailer) 1978

Just Desserts 2003

Keaton Tire Rubber Co. undated

Kellogg, Hewston Co. (Assayers and refiners) 1863

Kennedy Bell (Upholstery goods dealers) 1864

Kerman Rug Trading Co. circa 1940

Ketchum Food Center undated

Keyston Bros. (Manufacturers of saddles and riding equipment) 1968

Kielty Dayton, Inc. [1975]

Killip Co. (Auctioneers) 1893-1894

Kincheng Dry Goods Company

King, Allan Prescott, D.P. and Britain, Robert L., D.C. (Physicians) 1952

Kirk, Robert (Clothier) 1976

Kisen Co. undated

Klarenmeyer, S. (Ladies underwear retailer) circa 1900

Klatt-Hirsch Co. (Varnish dealer) undated

Kline Forchheimer (Clothing importers) 1857

Klinkner Co. (Rubber stamp manufacturers) undated

Knowles, G.B. and I.H. (Lumber dealers) 1864

Kohlberg Co. (Ladies clothing importers and retailers) 1882

Kohler, A., Kohler Chase (Musical instrument and sheet music store) undated

Kohnke Printing 1985

Kokomo Fence Machine co. (Kokomo, Ind.) circa 1899

Korbette Department Store 1966

Korn, Eugene (Hatter) 1896

Kotzbeck, Leo (Printer and lithographer) 1945

Kragen's 1904

Krambach, R. (Importer and retailer of crockery and glassware) 1858

Kress (Five and dime store) 1975

Krogh Manufacturing Co. c.1881

Kunneke & Frische 1924

La Cabaña Bakery undated

Lachman Bros. (Carpets, furniture and stoves) 1914

La Cocina (Commercial kitchen) 2007

Laeremans, Frank (Furniture manufacturer and importer) 1870s

Landers Shoe c.1903

Landor (Brand consulting and design firm) 2000s

Langley Michaels Co. (General store) 1919

Larraburu Brothers Bakery 1966-1976

Laura Ashley (Garment and textile manufacturer) undated

Lavenson-Schlueter Co. (Home furnishings) 1909

L.B. Benchley Co. (Hardware importers and merchants) 1863-1864

Lebenbaum Bros. (Grocers) 1888

L.D. McLean Co. Inc. undated

L.D. Stone & Co. 1892

Le Gay Co. (Manufacturers and importers of hats and caps) 1864

Lehmann Printing and Lithographing Company 1920s-1960s

Leibold & Co. undated

Lengfeld's Prescription Pharmacies undated

Levi Strauss Co. (Clothing manufacturer) 1872, 1942-2013

Levy & Zentner 1934

Liberty House (Department store) 1974-1976

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Lilli Ann Corporation (Clothing manufacturer) 1995

Lincoln Park Pharmacy undated

Livingston Bros. (Women's clothing and accessories) undated, 1972-1980

Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company 1889

Lloyd-Ayers Commercial Co. 1902

L.M. Sachs Co. (Dry goods dealers) 1857

Locan Co. (Textiles importers and dealers) 1864

Locomobile Company of America (Automobile manufacturer) 1913-1914

Louis T. Snow Co. (Wholesale grocers) 1919

Louisiana Company of San Francisco 1903

Le Louvre Laundry 1910s

Lowe's 2010

Lucas, A.G. (Auto mechanic) undated

Lucca Delicatessen 1989-1997

Luchetti Meats Frozen Foods 1950s

Lundy Travel Bureau 1929

Lyon-Martin Clinic 1981

M F Company

Macy's (Department store) 1972-2018

Madame Laurent of Paris (French millinery) 1863

Madison Burke (Real estate brokers) 1872-1874

Magnavox Company 1989

M.A. Gunst Co. 1902

Main Street Planing Mill Co. 1980s

Main Winchester (Saddlery and riding equipment) 1877

Malter, Lind Rogers (Engineers and contractors) 1887

Maneely-Matthews Co. 1953

Manhattan Life Insurance Company of New York 1867

Manufacturers Shoe Supply Company 1907

Marcona Corporation (Mining and shipping company) 1968

Marcus Book Stores 1984, 2014

Marine Exchange 1959-1970s

Mark Brumagim Co. undated

Markall Machinery Co. undated

Market Hardware Co. undated

Market Street Realty Co. 1934-1937

Marks Weintraub (Grain bag dealers) 1867-1868

Marquard's 2004

Marshall & Sterns Co. 1915

Marshall Square Rubber Co. undated

Martens Coffey (Architects) 1897

Martha Bros. Coffee Co. 2007

Martin Baking Co. 1927

Martin R. Jager 1897

Marvin Hitchco*ck (Booksellers and stationers) undated

Marwedel Otto (Hardware dealers and locksmiths) 1862

Match industry 1959

Matson Navigation Co. 1911-2001

Matteucci Co. (Jewelers) 1977

Maurice Dore & Co. 1870

Maxwell Galleries 1991

Mayfair Supermarkets 1968

McCutchen, Brown Enersem (Law firm) 1983

McDonald's (Restaurants) 1988-1996

McDonald's Book Shop 2001-2004

McKesson Corp. (Pharmaceutical corporation) 2008

McNab Smith (Drayage) 1919

McRoskey Airflex Mattress Company 1998-2018

Maze (Department store) undated

Meals On Wheels undated

Meese Gottfried Company (Engineers and machinists) 1915, undated

Meiggs Wharf Company 1879

Menzo Spring 1879, 2006

Mercantile Trust Company of San Francisco 1906

Merchants Express & Draying Co. 1933-1935

Merralls Mill Co. (Mining machinery manufacturer) 1900

Merrill's Drug Store 2004

Metropolitan Gas Company 1872

Metropolitan Improvement Company undated

Meyer, William H. (Jeweler) undated

M. Greenberg's Sons, Inc. (Fire hydrant manufacturers and foundry) 1972

M. Heller Brothers (Dry goods importers) 1857-1864

M.H. Quinn (Hatter) 1870s

Michel Pfeffer Iron Works 1925

Middleton Smiley (Auctioneers and commission merchants) 1852

Mike's Barber Shop 1981

Miller & Lux 1877

Miller Brothers, The Stovemen circa 1964

Miller, Sloss Scott (Locomotive and marine gauges and fixtures) 1892

Millinery undated

Milton F. Kreis (Department store) 1955

Milton Mining and Water Co. 1877

Milwaukee Brewery of San Francisco undated

Ming Sun Co. undated

Minton's Wine Liquor Co.

Mission Monumental Works 1926

Mission Pride Meat Market 1955

M.J.B. Coffee Co. 1981-1985

Model's Guild of S.F. 1966

Monarch Oil Refining Co. 1913-1914

Monitcello Steamship Co. 1907-1925 2017

Moore Scott Iron Works 1912

Moore Shipbuilding Company circa 1913

Moore's (Clothing retailer) 1940s

Mor-Pak Preserving Corp. undated

Morris Kennedy circa 1885

Morris Plan Company of California 1956

Mortgage Loan Corporation 1915

Moseley Houdlette Co. (Water and refrigeration equipment distributor) 1925

Moss, Ralph (Dry goods dealer) 1861

Mountain Springs Water Co. 1980

Moy's Undated

Muny Bait Shop 1978

Murphy, Grant Co. (Dry goods importers) 1861-1875

Music of San Francisco undated

Mutual Label Lithographic Company undated

Nason, Bullard Co. (Commission merchants, grocers) 1854

Nathan-Dohrmann Co.

National Brewing Company 1885

National Drill Compressor Co. circa 1875

Nature's Herb Co. undated

Neal, Stratford Kerr (Office supplies and printing) 1939

Neiman-Marcus (Department store) 1978-2000s

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Nelson, A. (Food distributor) 1922

Neptune Society (Funeral services) 1981-1990

New England Soap Company 2012

New Process Laundry undated

New System Dental Co. undated

Newhall Co. (Auctioneers and commission merchants) 1858-1862

Newhall and Gregory (Auctioneers and commission merchants) 1856-1859

Newman Levinson (Clothing retailer) 1893

Newman's Gym 1985

New York Life Insurance Company 1942

Next Door 2012

Nicoll, the Tailor undated

Niles Sand Gravel Rock Co. 1915-1916

Nippon Goldfish Co. 1974

Nippon Yusen Kaisha (Passenger ship lines) 1928

Nisei Rug and Upholstery Cleaners undated

Nob Hill Galleries undated

Nordstrom (Department store) 1988

North American Mercantile Co. undated

North German Lloyd S. S. Co. [1913]

North Point Gallery 1985

North Face (Clothing manufacturer) 1998

O'Brien Spotorno Mitchell, Obrien Spotorno (Food wholesalers) 1969

Ocean Avenue Food Center c.1960

Ocean Salt Water Company 1949

Oceanic Steamship Company undated

O'Connor, Moffatt C0. undated

Okada & Co. undated

Old Curiosity Shop 1925

Old Navy (Clothiers) 1999-2004

Old Uncle Gaylord's (Ice cream manufacturer) 1976-1978

Old Wives' Tales (Book store) undated

Olsen Nolte Saddle Shop 1942

Olson Rug Co. undated

Open undated

Opportunities Industrialization Center Inc. 1969

Orchid Beauty Salon 1974

Oriel Cash Grocery 1896

Oriental Agency Trading Co. undated

Oriental Insurance Co. 1870s

Original Little Louisiana Co. of San Francisco 1888

See also:

Oversize Ephemera Box: Businesses. Original Little Louisiana Co.

Original Nacional M 1913

O'Rourke Eubanks Hat Co. undated

Osgood Stetson (Tin ware manufacturer) 1867

Overland Freight Transfer Co. 1887

Overland Monthly Publishing Company 1898

Owens-Illinois Pacific Coast Co. 1925-1936

Owl Drug Co. 1912-1914

P & H Meat Market 1931

Pacific And San Francisco Glass Works

Pacific Bell 1989

Pacific Coal, Clay Oil Co. 1907

Pacific Coast Savings Society 1895

Pacific Coast Steamship Co. 1888-1915

Pacific Coast Stock Exchange 1969-2000s

Pacific Drayage Co. 1906-1918

Pacific Embroidery Co. 1916

Pacific Far East Lines 1967-1978

Pacific Fruit Exchange undated

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. 1916-2015

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Pacific Hardware and Steel Co. 1903

Pacific Insurance Company 1866

Pacific Insurance Union 1890

Pacific Mail Steamship Lines 1869-1892, 1960

Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company undated

Pacific National Bank [1963]

Pacific National Fire Insurance Company 1939

Pacific Pump and Windmill Company undated

Pacific Sightseeing Company 1911-1922

Pacific Steamship Co. 1932

Pacific Tank Co. circa 1895-1913

Pacific Telephone & Telegraph 1878-1986

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Pacific Tire Sales Co. 1919

Pacific Umbrella Works 1969

Palace Market 1909

Palmer Rey (Type founders) 1885

Palmer Liquid Coffee Company undated

Pan American Airways circa 1934

Panama Mail Steamship Company 1931

Paramount Flag Co. 1975

Paris Art Company (Statuary manufacturer) undated

Parke Lacy (Mining machinery dealer) 1887

Parker, J.W.R. (Grocer, grain dealer) 1894

Parrot Co. 1866, 1912

Parrot Pearls (Jewelry) 1985

Parseval Airship Operating Company of San Francisco circa 1914

Patent Scaffolding Co. 1960

Patrick Co. (Stationers) 1973-1997

Patriotic Assurance Company Limited undated

Paul Elder's Books, Paul Elder Co., Paul Elder Gallery 1924-1950s

Paul Seiler Electrical Works 1903

Paul T. Carrol Hats 1914

Paul X. Smith Co. 1950

Payne's Bolt Works 1880s

Pearl Paint 2010

Pei Cobb Freed Partners Architects undated

Peirce, J. (Furniture importer and manufacturer) 1864

Pelicano, Rossi & Co. 1915

People's Baking Co. [1946?]

People's Dairy Co. 1926

Peoples' Mutual Telephone Co. 1900s

Peoples' Restaurant & Cultural Center [1976]

Percy Hamilton (Architects) undated

Peter Bacigalupi & Sons 1907, 2015 (Online pet store) undated

Pets Unlimited 2006

P.G. Molinari Sons (Italian sausage manufacturer) undated

P 1931

Philadelphia Shoe Co. 1918-1919

Phillips Milling Co. Undated

Phoenix Day Co. (Lighting fixtures dealer) 1950

Pickwick Airways, Inc. Undated

Pinus Medicine Co. undated

Pioneer Appliance Co. c.1950

Pioneer Cigar Factory undated

Pioneer Rubber Mills undated

Pioneer Salt Co. 1878-1946

Place Clark (Hay and grain dealers) 1855

Podesta Baldocchi (Florists) 1911, circa 1971

Poor Taste circa 1985

Posson Seed Store undated

Pottery Barn (Home furnishings store) 1988-1989

Poulterer, De Ro Eldridge (Auctioneers) 1856

Powerset (online search engine) 2008

Precision Transport, Inc. 1971

Premier Tours 1957

Prior, J.K. (Gas fixture and plumbing supply dealer) 1862

Prudential Lines Inc., Prudential Cruises 1976

Purity Candy Co. undated

Quisisana undated

Radium Ore Revigator Co. 1928, 2006

Railway Express Agency undated

Raimond, R.E. (Shipping and commission merchant) 1860

Rainey Philips undated

Rainier Beer undated

Ran, Samuel (Lighting fixtures dealer) 1929

Raphael Weill Company, Inc., White House 1954

Ransohoff's (Clothing store) 1973-1976

Ransome Concrete Co. c.1909

RAY International, Ray Oil Burner Company 1924-1949, 2001

Raymond Granite Company (Knowles, CA) 1893-1949

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Rayne, H. A. (Tailor) undated

R.D.W. Davis Co. (Auctioneers and merchants) 1854-1858

Real Estate Associates 1974-1999

Real Food Co. undated, 2015-2016

Record House (Music store) undated

Recorder Printing Publishing undated

Red, Black Green House of Food Undated

Red Poppy Candies undated

Redington Co. (Druggists) 1894

Redwood Manufacturers Co. 1933-1934

Reid, James W. and Merritt (Architects) 1980

Reliable Auto Body Reconstruction Co. undated

Remler Radio Factory 1993

Revere Rubber Co. 1900

Reynolds Seiler Toyota 1968

R.G. Hamilton Co. (Investment firm) 1925

R. Iacopi Meat Market 1980

Rice-A-Roni 2008

Richards Harrison; Sherwood Sherwood (Liquor and grocery importers) 1880s-1890s

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Richman Motor Co. undated

Richmond-San Rafael Ferry Transportation Co. Undated

Riddle Sheet Metal Works c.1927

Risdon Iron Works 1903

Riveira & Gonzalez Cigars undated

Riverdale Creamery Co. undated

Rix Compressed Air Drill Co. 1902

Robinson, Joseph (Paint and painting supplies dealer) 1862

Robison's (Pet store) undated

Rochester Big Tall (Clothing store) 2003-2004

Rockwell, Coye Co. (Hardware importers) circa 1872

ROMA Design Group (Architects) 2000

Roma Macaroni Factory 1922

Roos/Atkins (Clothiers) 1945-2005

Rosalie's Rentals and Realty 1972

Rosenberg's Health Food Stores undated

Rosenstock, Price Co. (Shoe dealers) 1864

Rosenthal's Inc. [1909]

Rosenwald & Kahn, Inc. 1913

Roth, Winter & Walsh [1920s]

Rothschild Ehrenpfort Candy 1884

Royal Insurance Co. 1928

Royal-Liverpool Group 1945

Royer, H. (Rope manufacturer) 1884

R.S. Cutter Co. (Butchers) 1864

Rubyette Co. undated

Rucker Fuller Co. (Furniture and office furnishings) 1983

Ruth's Health Food Store undated

S. E. Fischer & Co. Undated

S. Zeiler Wallpaper & Paint Store 1937

Saben, A.B. (Wood and charcoal dealer) 1856

Safeway (Grocery store) circa 1940-2013

Saint Anthony's Market undated

Saint Francis Fountain, Saint Francis Candy Store 1981-1999

Saint Francis Market Fruit and Produce Co. undated

Saks Fifth Avenue (Department store) 1975-1989 (Software developer) 2008-2019

Salon Media Group, (Online magazine publisher) 2004

Samuels Jewelers 1967-1972

San Francisco and Pacific Glass Works 1978

San Francisco Auto Tour Inc. undated

San Francisco Candle Co. 1883

San Francisco Cash Register Co. circa 1930

San Francisco Coffee Co. undated

San Francisco Comic Book Co. 1971, 2012

San Francisco Dinner Cruise Co., Inc 1976

San Francisco District Telegraph Co. undated

San Francisco Fabrics 1998

San Francisco Gas Company 1858-1876

San Francisco Gas and Electric Company circa 1902

San Francisco Gazette 1978

San Francisco Herald 1853

San Francisco Land Company 1899-1900

San Francisco Metal Stamping Works 1924

San Francisco Music Box Company 1987-1988

San Francisco Mystery Bookstore undated

San Francisco NEWSREEL (Documentary film rental house) 1972

San Francisco Oven Co. 1924

San Francisco Pioneer Varnish Works undated

San Francisco Printing Co-Op 1975-1976

San Francisco Quarries Co. 1909-1917

San Francisco Renaissance undated

San Francisco Roommates Bureau 1978

San Francisco Shoe House 1897

San Francisco Studios 1985-1990

San Francisco Sulphur Company 1923

San Francisco Telephone Herald Co. 1912

San Francisco Victoriana 1974-1980

San Francisco Welcome Center History Museum 2012

San Francisco Whig (Printers) 1853

San Francisco Windsports [1983]

San Francisco Wire & Iron Works 1954

Sandman Mattress Corp. 1933

Sanitary Cleaning Co. c.1904

Santa Clara Boarding and Livery Stables 1900s

Savage Gold Silver Mining Company 1924

Savings and loan industry undated

Saxe Realty Co. 1979

S. Benson Co. (Hay and grain dealer) 1859

Scher's Grocery, Fruit Vegetable Shop undated

Schlage Lock Company 1965-1974, 2008

Schlueter Wolberg (Upholsterers) 1872

Schmidt Label and Lithograph Co. 1947, undated

Schoenstein and Sons (Pipe organ manufacturers) 1995-2003

Scholle Bro's (Clothing manufacturers) 1857

Schrader Iron Works 1965

Schwabacher & Co. 1947

See's Candies undated

Selby Smelting and Lead Co. 1967

Selected Food Specialties 1939

Serendipity II undated

SFO Helicopter Airlines, Inc. 1973-1974

Sharper Image (Lifestyle products retailer) 1987-2005

Sherman, C.H. (Carpet retailer) 1857

Sherman Clay Co. (Musical instruments retailer) 1906-1923, 1964-2013

Shmaltz Brewing Co. 2004

Shreve Co. (Jewelers) 1906-1978

Shreve, Treat & Eacret c.1920s

Shumate's Pharmacies, Inc. undated

Sidecar Technologies, Inc. Undated

Siebe Green (Advertising firm) undated

Sigrist Brothers (Importers and dealers of metal wares and home furnishings) 1857

Simon Bohm (Dry goods dealers) 1859

Simon Bros. (Wine and liquor dealers) undated

Simon, L. (Dry goods dealer) 1857

Simpson Fisher (Sailmakers) 1974-1984

Simpson Lee Paper Co. undated

Sinclair and Valentine Co. (Printing ink dealer) 1938

Sing Chong Importing Co. undated

Sing Fat Co. 1923

Skyline Realty undated

Smiley Brothers Co. (Auctioneers and commission merchants) 1857-1858

Smith Byington (Wood and coal dealers) 1857

Smiths' Cash Store 1893

S. Marks Co. (Dry goods) 1857

S.N. Wood Co. undated

Snyder Reed (Wine and liquor wholesalers) 1861

S.O. Alexander Co. (Clothiers) 1873

Solar Light Books undated

Sol. Deutsch Co. (Saddles and riding equipment) undated

Sommer Kaufmann (Shoe store) 1940s

Soremo-Union Oil Station circa 1971

Sorensen Co. (Jewelers) 1916

Soule Steel Co. undated

South African Airways 1980

South Park Livery Stable 1864

Southern Pacific Company

Applications to state Railroad Commission 1914, 1927

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Applications to Interstate Commerce Commission 1933-1936

Physical Description: 2.0 folders


Pneumatic tube system for freight 1906-1907

Herndon gravel pit fill 1906-1908

Coast Division 1907

Filling washout near Marcuse 1907

Light and power installation, Roseville 1907

Oakland waterfront property and dredging 1907

Land purchase at Gustine 1908

Line changes at Opal 1908

Track extension for maximum tourage trains 1908

Paving park of Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley 1908

Soy Gee's Medicine Co. Undated

S.P. Fillman undated

Spreckels-Russell Dairy Co. Undated

Spreckels Sugar Co. undated

Spring Valley Water Co. 1869-1870, 1916

See also

Water. Spring Valley Water Co.

Stage One (Window display designers) 1988

Standard Building Company undated, 1972-1985

Standard Fashion Company 1905

Standard Oil Company 1951-1980

Physical Description: 2 folders

Starbucks Coffee Co. 1998-2012

Stauffer Chemical Co. 1976

Steam Beer Brewing Co. undated, 1967-1972

Steiger Terra Cotta and Pottery Works 1902

Stempel's Quality Donuts, Stempel's Bakery 1939

Sterling Electric Co. 1909

Sterling Furniture Co. undated

Stiefvaters' (Bakery) undated

Stone, Marraccini and Patterson (Architects) undated

Store, The undated

Streetlight Records undated

Stringer Storage Co. 1912

Stuart, James F. (Commission merchant) 1854

Sultan Turkish Baths undated

Summer of Love Productions 1986-1988

Sun Life Assurance of Canada undated, 1975

Sunset Produce Co. undated

Sunset Publishing House 1913

Sunset Scavenger Company 1932-1938, 1959

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Sun Valley Dairy undated

Sutro Co., Inc. 1964

Sutro Tunnel Co. Undated

Sweeney Baugh 1865

Sweeney, W.J. 1909

Swensen's Ice Cream Factory 1976

Swinerton Walberg (Building contractors) 1988-1998

Tai Chong Co. (Importers and merchants) 1934

Tai Ping Co. undated

Tay, Brooks Backus (Metal ware importers) 1861

Tay-Holbrook Inc. (Metal ware manufacturers and importers) 1948

Taylor, John B. (Produce dealer) 1854

Taylor, John F. (Blacksmith) 1863

Taylor Ng (Merchants) undated

Teevan Painting 1973

Telephone-Business Service Co. 1932

Theodore Green Apothecary 1986

Thomas Cook Son (Travel agents) 1915

Thomas E. Wilson Co. (Clothiers) undated

Thomas Magee Real Estate 1878

Thomasser Associates (Caterers)

General and correspondence 1948-1966

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Menus, estimates, and completed parties 1959-1966

Physical Description: 9.0 folders

Three C's Tailoring Co. 1930

Three Witches undated

Thrift Drug undated

Thrifty Shoppers Scrip Company undated

Tiffany Co. 1982

Tillmann's Undated

Title Insurance Co. 1948

T M.E. Tobin Co. 1887

Tobin Tobin Undated

Todd Shipyards Co. 1948

Tonkin Distributing Co. 1936

Torgsin (State Corporation for Trade with Foreigners, U.S.S.R.) 1935

Toulouse Laundry 1942

Tower Market 1983-1998

Trans World Airways 1959

Transactions, Inc. 1970

Transamerica Corporation 1933-1999

Travelers Trunk Co. 1931

Treadwell Co. 1860s-1870

Triumph Steel Corporation 1927

Tuggey's Hardware undated

Turner Harvey (Wood and coal dealers) 1864

Twin Peaks Grocery [1980]

Twitter undated, 2019

Uber 2014-2015

Uncle Sam Automotive Co. undated

Underwood Typewriter Co., Inc. 1925

Union Brewing and Malting Co. c.1914

Union Construction Co. 1916

Union Iron Works 1868-1896, 1949, 1993-1998

Union Transfer Co. (Shipping and freight) undated

Union Trust Company of San Francisco 1914

United Airlines 1933-1970s

United Fruit Co. Steamship Service 1930

United Land Company 1907-1912

U.S. Factors Ltd. undated

U.S. Machinery Co. 1940

United States Smokeless Powder Co. undated

Universal Wire Service undated

University Games 2003

Utah Sanitary Meat Market 1926

Van Ness Bazaar 1890

Vannucci Bros. Construction Co. undated

V.C. Morris (Art gallery and gift shop) undated

Viavi (Women's health treatments) 1907-1908

Vienna Bazaar 1893

Virgin America (Airlines) 2004-2013

Visalia Stock Saddle Co. undated

Voizin, Ris Webster (Auctioneers and commission merchants) 1861

Volume Merchandising Co. 1973

Vorpal Gallery 1966-1984

Wagner's Beer Hall--See: SF.Bars.Saloons, Wagner's Beer Hall undated

Wah Chuck Card Co. 1923

Waibel Bros. (Merchants) undated

Waiters on Wheels 1988

Wakelee Co. (Druggists and chemists) 1913

Waldeck, Herman (Commission merchant) 1894

Wale Printing Company 1914

Walkup Drayage & Warehouse Co. 1941-1946

Wallpapers, Inc. Undated

Walter Tompkins 1859

W. J. Sloane Co. (Home furnishings retailer) 1896-1914, 1981-1985

See also:

SF.Bio.Sloane, William

Walton N. Moore Dry Goods Co., Inc. undated

Wangenheim Sternheim Co. (Crockery and glassware importers) 1875

Washburn Co. (Auctioneers and commission merchants) 1854

Washington Market Grocery 1872

Wave Power Electric Co. circa 1904

W.B. Geiser Co. (Mail order merchant) 1916

W.D. Lawton Co. (Shirt manufacturer) 1874

Weeks & Day 1923

Weeks, Howe, Emerson Co. c.1950s

Wegener Schoenbar (Merchants) 1867

Weinstein Co., Inc. (Department store) 1950-1972

Weinstock, Lubin Co. 1894

Wellman, Peck Co. (Importers and wholesale grocers) 1940-1958

West Coast Life Insurance Co. undated

Westcoast Films 1960

Western Airlines 1949-1960

Western Bottling Co. undated

Western Clay Products Co. undated

Western Fire & Marine Insurance Co. of California undated

Western Furniture Exchange 1931-1935

Western Hat Manufacturing Company undated

Western Girl, Inc. (Temporary office help services) 1964

Western Iron Works 1894

Western Machinery Company 1940

Western Manufacturing undated

Western Motors Company 1920

Western Paper Box Co. undated

Western Steel Factors undated

See also:

SF.Businesses.Triumph Steel Corp.

Western Sugar Refinery undated

Western Title Insurance Co. 1948-circa 1959

Western Union Telegraph Company 1876-1878

Westminster Book Store 1913

Weston Basket & Barrel Co. c.1931

Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machine Company 1857-1864, 2008

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Whisler-Patri (Architects and planners) 1975

Whitaker Ray Company (Publishers) undated

White Brothers (Lumber dealers) 1909-1923

White Front Stores 1968

White House (Department store) circa 1850-1964

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

White, (L.L.) Tooth Crown Co. c.1890s

Whitney, G.O. (Furniture dealer) 1852

W.H. Mahony Co. (Home furnishings dealer) undated

Wilkes Bashford (Clothiers) 2009

Will Fink (Cutlery and gambler's cheating equipment manufacturers) 1976-1977

William Doxey (Publisher and book dealer) 1892

William M. Hixon 1860

Williams, Blanchard Co. 1870

Williams, Dimond Co. (Shipping agency) undated

Williams-Sonoma (Kitchenware retailer) undated, 1989-2005

Willis Associates (Architects) 1968

Wilson Brother (Dealers in doors, windows, and blinds) 1873

Wilton & Co. undated

Wing Nien Soy Sauce 2003

Wo Kee Co.

Wobbers, Inc. (Stationers) undated

Wolf Company (Realtors) undated

Woman's Publishing Co. 1874

Wonder Bread; Hostess Bakery; Interstate Bakeries Corp. 2005

Woodin Little (Pump and machinery dealer) circa 1911

Woolworth's 1992-1997

W.P. Fuller Co. (Paint, glass, and wallpaper manufacturer) 1902-1923, 1948

W.R. Grace & Co. c.1919

Wright and Sanders (Architects) 1980

W.W. Montague Co. (Fireplace furnishings manufacturer) undated

Wyatt Sisters Dancing Academy 1911

Xanadu undated


Oversize Ephemera Box: Businesses. Xanadu

Yellow Cab Company 1924, 2017

Yelp 2013-2014

York Mining Company 1952

Yosemite Taxicab Co. c.1916

Young Man's Fancy (Clothing store) 1968

Yucca Root Soap Co. undated

Zaarly 2011

Zellerbach Paper Co. 1929-1942

Zenith Gas Engine Power Co. undated

Zeno Mauvais Undated

Zephyros Education Exchange 1975

See Also:

Oversize Ephemera Box: Businesses. Zephyros Education Exchange

Ziel Co. (Merchants) undated

Businesses, Billheads undated, 1855-1917

Physical Description: 39.0 folders

Butterflies 1967-2010


Cable cars--See: SF. Transportation

Cafes--See: SF.Coffee houses, S.F. Restaurants undated


By date 1915-1925, 1951-2023

Physical Description: 27.0 folders

Graphic Arts Workshop 1955-1975

Calling cards 1870s-1890s

Cannabis, Office Of 2017-2018

Cartoons 1874-1877, 1980-2005

Catholic archdiocese


Roman Catholic Archdiocese


General 1849-1921, 1972-2010

Calvary Cemetery; Mount Calvary Cemetery 1870-1887, 1924, 1993

City Cemetery 1872-1938, 1993-1998

Cypress Lawn Memorial Park 1986-2001

Golden Gate Cemetery--See: SF.Cemeteries.City Cemetery

Greek Cemetery 1893-1899

Green Oak Cemetery 1850

Holy Cross Cemetery 1887-1908, 1987-1998

Italian Cemetery undated

Jewish Nevai Shalome Cemetery; Gibbath Olom Cemetery 1860-1880

Laurel Hill Cemetery 1868-1941

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Masonic Cemetery 1896-1931

Mission Dolores undated

See also:

SF.Buildings.Churches.Mission Dolores

North Beach Cemetery; Powell Street Cemetery 1850-1853

Odd Fellows Cemetery 1853-1865, 1933, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Removal of cemeteries 1914-2017

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

San Francisco National Cemetery 1893-1936, 1972-2014

Sunset Memorial Cemetery; Sunset View 1994

Telegraph Hill; Sailor's burial ground 1857-1858

Tombstones 1969

Yerba Buena Cemetery 1850-1854, 1932-1941, 2001

Yerba Buena Island Cemetery 1937, 1995-2005



Census 2012 2011

Census (National) 2020

Census of San Francisco 1842

Census of California 1852

San Francisco census summary and analysis 1970

Centennial celebrations

San Francisco Centennial 1875

Centennial celebrations in California 1950

Centennial Committee, Inc. 1950-1951

San Francisco Call-Bulletin Centennial 1955


General 1974-1976

American Revolution Bicentennial Administration 1974-1976

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of California 1973-1976

Ephemera 1976

Newspaper clippings 1973-1976

San Francisco Twin Bicentennial, Inc. 1974-1976

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Certificates of honor 1978

Chamber of Commerce

General circa 1941

Articles of incorporation and bylaws 1924

Bay region as a factory location 1946

Business/Arts Council 1990

Chambergraphs and progressograms circa 1954

Directories of manufacturers, clubs, and organizations 1964-1965

Economic surveys 1945-1965

Physical Description: 13.0 folders

Facts for the newcomer undated

Junior Chamber of Commerce circa 1964

Law and Order in San Francisco: A Beginning 1916

Pamphlets 1911-1979

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Road map to a greater San Francisco 1940s

Statistical reports 1911-1913

Chandeliers 1977

Characters 1963-1981


General 1900-1937, 2009

Charter of 1850 1850

WASP satire 1880, 1976

Why the proposed new charter should not be adopted 1896

Charter of 1931 1931

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Freeholders charter 1931-1932

Two and a half years of civil service under the "new" charter 1934

Charter revision sub-committee reports 1946

Citizens Charter Revision Committee 1967-1969

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Proposition E: Text of the proposed charter 1969

Proposed charter 1971

Final report of the San Francisco Citizens Charter Revision Committee 1972

Charter of 1978 1978

Revision election 1978

Charter revision 1980

Charter signing 1980

Newspaper clippings 1879-1910, 1965-1996

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Chief Administrative Officer 1970-1995

Children 1967

See also:

SF.Associations.Coleman Advocates, SF.Heath Department.Child welfare

China clipper 1985-2010

See also:

629.293 J137c

Christmas 1856-2002

Christmas cards 1883-2000s


General 1946-1951

Architecture 1978

Baptist churches 1943-1960

Council of churches 1940s-1960s

Guide to churches and synagogues 1961-1974

Circuses-City officers


General 1908, 1941-2010

Pickle Family Circus 1981-1990

City Architect 1996

City Attorney 1927, 1987-2013

City departments

See also:

SF.Government, individual departments

Telephone directories 1965-1993

Work programs 1947-1948

Residency rule 1975-1984

City employees

Handbook 1998

Residency rule 1975

City officers 1861, 1929-1999

Physical Description: 13.0 folders

City planning department

Landmarks preservation

General 1963-1995

Code and regulations 1974

Alphabetical list circa 1990

Chronological list 1990-2004

Numerical list undated

Street name list 1990

Landmarks #1-229 1967-2001

Physical Description: 18.0 folders

See also: SF.Buildings.Garcia and Maggini warehouse (for #229)

SF.Buildings.Garcia and Maggini warehouse

Landmarks Preservation Board

Context statements 2000-2005

Meeting minutes 1967-2001

Newspaper clippings 1966-1997

Preservation proposal 1992

Proposed landmarks 1967-1970

Newspaper articles 1963-1995

City salaries-Civilian defense

City salaries 1973-2012


Physical Description: 1.0 folder


Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Civil rights

See also:

SF.Human Rights Commission

Jews and Catholics against prejudice undated

Riots 1966-1968, 2010

Civil service

General 1932-2005

Examinations 1904-1913

Civilian defense

See also:

Record collection.Civilian defense

General 1941-1944

Air raid warden service 1942

Citizens Protective Corps 1944-1946

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Civilian Defense Council

Civilian War Council 1944

Finances 1941-1942

Personnel 1942

Salvage for Victory 1944

Disaster Council and Corps

General 1951-1979

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

General - chronological 1949-1974

Physical Description: 15.0 folders

Air raid instructions 1955

Air raid sirens 1951-1952

Communication drill 1952

Correspondence - Admiral A.G. Cook and Col. Fred M Fogle

Disaster drill 1981

Emergency operations plan 1970

Household data cards 1950s, 1985

Hypothetical problem no.1 1950

Intra-city emergency routes and shelter 1951

Meetings 1970-1973

Pamphlets and brochures 1950-1952

Progress reports and annual reports 1950-1962

Radio and television 1962-1968

Rescue and first aid service 1953-1954

Shelter supplies 1964-1976

Fire protection bond fund 1942

Information and forms for U.S. Government 1959

Pamphlets 1950s-1960s

Climate-Convention and Visitors Bureau

Climate--See: SF.Weather.Climate undated


General 1925-1926, 1965-2000

Samuels clock 1967-2016

Clubs--See: Associations undated

Coast Guard 1961-2013

See also:

Life saving stations

Coffee 2008, undated

Coffee houses 1971-2016

Coins 1988-1991

Colleges--See: Universities and colleges undated

Coloring books 1969-1975

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Colors 1979-1989

Comedy 1978-1986

Commissions 1981

See also:

names of individual commissions

General 1981

Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity 1960

Commission on the Aging 1974-1981

Commission on the Status of Women 1975

Ethics Commission 1997

Mayor's Committee for Municipal Management 1961

Community Benefit Districts undated

Community centers


Recreation and community centers

Consolidation 1911

See also:

Elmer E. Robinson papers

Consular Corps 1962-1973

Physical Description: 3.0 folders


General 1980

Belgium 1980

British consulate circa 1952

Cambodian consulate undated

See also:

Joseph L. Alioto papers, SPH 5

Greek consulate 1977

Mongolia 2011

Netherlands consulate 1982

Russian consulate 1970-1986

West German consulate 1984

Controller 1942-1968

See also:


Convention and Visitors Bureau

General circa 1920-1991

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Annual reports 1962-1979


AFL-CIO 1965

AFL Teamsters 1947

Air Reserve Association of the United States 1937

American Association of Railroad Ticket Agents 1938

American Bankers Association 1949-1971

American Dental Association 1972

American Medical Association 1923-1972

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

American Electric Railway Association 1915

American Guild of Organists 1949

American Historical Association 1965

American Institute of Landscape Architects 1974

American Library Association 1939-2001

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

American Philatelic Society 1939

American Photoengravers Association 1949

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists 1967

Building Owners and Managers Association 1962

California Federation of Music Clubs 1922

California Library Association 1902, 1947-1975

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

California Scholarship Federation State advisors convention 1979

California State Fruit Growers' Convention 1901

California State Numismatic Association 1972-1975

Canner/Packer, National Canners Convention 1976

Christian Endeavor 1897


SF.Conventions.International Society of Christian Endeavor

Congress of Western Writers 1936

County Service Officers 1961

Daughters of the American Revolution 1967

Democratic County Convention 1894

Democratic National Convention


Physical Description: 2.0 folders


See also:

George Christopher Papers, SFH7


General 1984

Contract 1984-1987

Cost overrun 1983-1984

Host Committee 1984

Newspaper clippings 1984

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Press information 1984

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

Proposal 1983-1984

Realia 1984

Report of the Platform Committee 1984

Epworth League 1901

Fraternal Order of Eagles 1911-1923

Hotel Greeters of America 1962

Inter-American Travel Congress 1939

Interamerican Congress of Cardiology 1972

International League of Antiquarian Booksellers 1967

International Society of Christian Endeavor 1897-1947

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

International Truck Trailer and Equipment Exposition 1970

Junior Chamber of Commerce 1948

Knights of Pythias 1902

League of United Latin American Citizens 1974

Libertarian Party 1977

Macworld 2008

Military History Conference 1981

Music Teachers' Association of California 1913, 1925

National Education Association 1888-1911

National Editorial Association 1892

National Foreign Trade Convention 1920

National Home Fashion League 1984-1985

Native Sons of the Golden West 1890

Pacific Automobile Show 1923-1924

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Pacific Coast Congress 1910

Pacific Coast Numismatic Society 1972

Pacific Water Conditioning Association 1968

Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors 1967

Propeller Club of the United States and American Merchant Marine Conference 1973

Real Estate Boards 1922

Republican National Convention


See also

George Christopher Papers, SFH7



See also:

John F. Shelley Papers

Rotary Convention 1938

San Francisco Fashion Guild 1975

San Francisco Missionary Convention 1904

San Francisco Shrine Convention 1922-1932

Society of American Archivists 1971

Special Libraries Association 1930

Sports and Boat Show 1970

Summit Conference 1959


George Christopher Papers, SFH7

UNESCO Conference 1948

U.S. Conference of Mayors 1973-1997

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Water Conditioning Association International 1968

Western National Restaurant Show 1959

Western Packaging Exposition 1970


Convents--See: SF.Religious Orders

Cookbooks 1911, 1974-1996

Coordinating council 1940-1947

Copra crane--See: SF.Piers.Pier 84, SF.Monuments.Copra crane

Coroner 1955-1965, 1999-2000

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Costume--See: SF.Fashion

Court of Historical Review

General 1982-1990

Cases 2-39 1976-1986

Cases 40-68 1986-1993

Arbuckle case 1985

Bagel case 1977

Baldwin, Lucky case 1979

Baseball inventor 1985

Casey at the bat 1979

Fortune cookies 1983

See also:

SF.Court of Historical Review.Cases 2-39 (Case #31)

Gertrude Stein quote 1986

Hot dogs 1981

MacArthur, Douglas 1985

Martini 1981-1983

Norton, Joshua A. (Emperor) 1979

Yerba Buena 1981


General (Municipal/Superior) 1914, 1959-2013

Community Justice Center 2007-2014

Municipal court annual reports 1947-1989

Coxey's army--See: SF.Bio.Browne, Carl


SF.Biography.Browne, Carl

Coyote 2007-2014

Crime 1974-2011

19th century



Clippings 1955, 2006-2013


Dance and dances

General 1936-2010

Dance cards 1872-1891

Clubs 2000s

Cotillion 1978-2000

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Day laborers 1999-2002


See also:

SF.Fairs and festivals

General 1974

Admission Day 1890-1915, 1959

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Arbor Day 1981

Armistice Day 1930

Army Day 1934

Bastille Day 1927-1956

Physical Description: 2 folders

Bundle Day 1924

Cabrillo Day 1936

Columbus Day 1928-1992

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Constitution Day 1936

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 1953

Diamond Jubilee 1925

Eleanor Roosevelt Day 2007

Flag Day 1913-1930

Fleet Week 1932, 1981-2014

Harbour Day 1929-1941

Harvey Milk Day 2010

Jerry Garcia Day 2005

Independence Day 1864, 1910-1918, 1966

International Women's Day 1981-1982

Labor Day 1981

Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day--See: SF.hom*osexuals.Gay Freedom Day

Lincoln's Birthday 1884-1898

Maritime Day 1956-1970

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 1988

May Day 1999

Memorial Day 1888-2003

Navy Day 1940-1945

Philippine Cultural Week undated, 1980

Saint Patrick's Day 1971-2002

Steamer Day 1926

Thanksgiving 1907

Valley Days 1956

Washington's Birthday 1889-1911

World Environment Day 2005

Youth in Government 1959-1974

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Deaths (1869-1870) 1961

Demographics 1985

Demonstrations--See: Protests

Department of Elections--See: Elections and Department of Elections

Department of Homelessness & Supportive Housing--See: Homelessness and Supportive Housing, Department of

Department of the Environment--See: Environment, Department of

Department of Public Health--See: Health Department

Department of Public Works--See: Public Works Department


Public Works Department


Panic of 1907 1907-1927

1930s 1934, 1982

Diamond Jubilee--See: SF.Days.Diamond Jubilee

Dice games 1983



Architectural heritage 1977

Art for Children 1973

Auctions 1974

Auto repair 1974

Bakeries 1975-1984

Bakeries and candy stores for diabetics 1977

Bay Area business service directory 1977

Bay Area performing and visual arts 1982

Bed and Breakfast places circa 1983

Black businesses undated

Business who's who in San Francisco and the Bay Area 1943

Bread and cheese 1975

Brunch 1971

Buffets 1973

Campgrounds 1975

Caterers 1982

Child care 1976-1986

Children's education 1972

Chinatown restaurants and bakeries 1972

Chinese banquets 1973

Chinese dim sum restaurants 1973

City Hall A-Z 1979-1985

Community help undated

Community Services 1991

Computer user groups 1984

Consumer complaints 1972

Docents 1974

Dolls 1978

Environmental activists 1976

Exercise 1973

Emergency numbers 1983

Exporters 1960s

Fashion industries 1974

Films, cut-rate 1976

Guns 1982

Health care 1974

Help and counseling 1974

Historical institutions 1973-1977

Hospitals 1986

Hotels 1986

International airport--See: SF.Airports.San Francisco International Airport

Landmarks 1974

Libraries 1971-1988

Murals 1975-1986

Museums 1982

Neighborhood organizations 1972-1975

Neighborhood newsletter 1976

Night directory 1971

North Mission directory 1982

Orchestras 1973

Parties 1977-1984

Peace organizations 1983

Picnicking 1983

Poetry readings 1974

Post office 1971

Public administrators 1975

Public meetings 1973

Publishing 1976

Recreation and Park Department 1970

Recycling 1977






Breakfast 1977-1979

Children welcome 1972

Delivery service 1975

Mission district 1981

North Beach family style 1973

Outdoor 1979

Trucker diners 1976

Workingman's restaurants 1974

Sailing 1973

Saunas 1976

School playgrounds 1975

Senior citizens 1973-1982

Services, unusual 1977

Sex 1974

Shipping 1955

Shopping 1899

Shops for unusual wares 1977

Specialty foods 1982

Steamship directory 1963

Survival manual 1974-1975

Swimming pools 1976

Switchboards 1973

Telegrams 1982

Transit 1974

Underground places 1980

Volunteer organizations 1972

Weaving 1981

Wine tasting 1981

Women 1972-1988

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Youth summer programs 1975

Disabled 1972-1987


General 1965-2017

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Alamo Square 1976-2017

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Ashbury Heights undated, 1961-2004

Balboa / Ingleside Terrace 1991-2019

Barbary Coast 1914-2018

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Bayview/Hunters Point 1969-2019

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

Bernal Heights 1894, 1977-2014

Butchertown undated, 1966-2002

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Carville 1908, 1978-1999

Castro 1971-2015

Cathedral Hill 1991

China Basin 1972-2003

China Beach 1982-1998


General 1949-1990s

Analysis of population and housing 1969

Golden Dragon massacre 1977-1981, 2017

Improvements 1981

See also:

George Christopher papers / SFH7

Magazine articles 1924-2006

Newspaper clippings 1905-2014

Civic Center

General 1947-1998

Newspaper clippings 1978-2010

Proposed schemes 1899-1912, 1974-1994

Steam Plant 1916-1927, 1991

Clover Heights undated

Cole Valley 2003-2008

Commission District 1943

Cow Hollow 1960-2012

See also:

SF.Districts.Marina Italian-American Collection 2/B/4

Crabville by the Bay 1989

Crocker Amazon 1991-2000

Diamond Heights 1951-2016

Downtown 1968-2014

East Cut undated

Eureka Valley--See: SF.Districts.Castro

Excelsior 1968-2018

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Fairmount 1989-1992

Fisherman's Wharf undated, 1989-2013

Forest Hill 1983-2010

Glen Park 1898, 1948-2011

Golden Gate Heights 1922-1984


General 1966-2001

Architecture 1969-1987

Newspaper clippings 1896-2016

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Petlenuc 1989

Rehabilitation assistance program 1975

Happy Valley 1992

Hayes Valley

General 1928, 1980-2019

Architecture undated

Holly Park 1990-2005

Hunters Point--See: SF.Districts.Bayview/Hunters Point

Ingleside 1938-2022

Ingleside Terraces 1921-2010

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Japantown--See: SF.Districts.Western Addition

Lake Merced undated

Lakeshore 1990-1991

Land's End undated, 1962-2010

Little Hollywood 1990-2014


General 1936-2010

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Marina Times "Neighborhood Historic Sites" 2003

Marina Yacht Harbour 1963-1972

Mid Market 2010-2019

Midtown Terrace undated, 1999-2001

Miraloma Park 1984-2017


General 1974-2016

Historic buildings 1972

Murals 1983-2017

Newspaper clippings undated, 1963-2016

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Northeast Mission Industrial Zone 1991-1993

Walking tours 1973-1991

Mission Bay 1983-2019

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Mount Davidson 1912-2019

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

See also:

SF.Monuments.Easter Cross

Nob Hill undated, 1951-2008

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Noe Valley 1975-2016

North Beach 1924-2014

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Ocean Beach

Playland at the Beach 1927-2013

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Newspaper clippings 1989-2016

Sutro Heights 1889-1975

Oceanview, Merced Heights, Ingleside 1972-2013

Outer Mission 1991

Pacific Heights 1963-2013

Portola 1930-1931, 1995-2017

Potrero Hill

General 1920s-2017

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Archives project 1992-2007

Wisconsin Street Site/Parkview Heights Housing 1978-1982


General 1893-2006

363rd Infantry 1919-1974

Buffalo soldiers 1996-2010

Burger King (proposed) 1988

California Indian Museum Cultural Center 1997-1998

Crissy Field 1993-2016

Korean War Memorial 2016

Newspaper clippings 1977-2017

Physical Description: 14.0 folders

Presidio Trust, National Park Service 1991-2016

Proposals 1991-1993

See Also:

Oversize Ephemera Box: Districts. Presidio. Proposals

Walk Leader Orientation 1989

Presidio Heights 1991-1994

Richmond 1924-2019

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Rincon Hill, South Beach undated, 1977-2016

See also:

SF. Districts. East Cut

Russian Hill 1984-2017

Saint Francis Wood 1937-2004

Saint Mary's Park 1991-2011

See also:

SF.Parks.Saint Mary's Park

Sea Cliff 1913-1916, 1962-2004

Silver Terrace 1890

South Beach 1995-2000

South of Market (SoMa) 1927, 1972-2019

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

South Park 1859, 1974-2017

Sunnyside 1988-2006

Sunset, Parkside 1929-2018

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Telegraph Hill 1961-2014


General 1987-2011

2000 Project 2000

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Newspaper clippings 1987-2019

Twin Peaks 1962-2013

Upper Market 1991-2014

Visitacion Valley 1926-2014

Waterfront 1970-2019

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

West Clay Park 1909

West of Twin Peaks 1993-2001

West Portal 1971-2014

Western Addition

Festival 1969

Fillmore Center--See: SF.Buildings.Fillmore Center

Historic District 1947-2009

Housing 1967-2014

Japantown 1964-2013

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Nationality Center circa 1971

Redevelopment A-1 1951-1970s

Redevelopment A-2 1959-1978

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

San Souci 1989

Western Addition Community Organization 1968-1972

See also:

SF. Assoc. WACO

Western Addition Project Area Committee 1969-1971

Westwood Park 1920s-2008

Yerba Buena Center

General 1957-1993

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Center for the Arts 2002

Yerba Buena Gardens

General 1970's-2014

Newsclippings 1981-1992

Newsclippings 1993-

Domestic partners-Drug use

Domestic partners 1991-2000

Dot-coms 1999-2004

Draft Registration 1948

Drug use 1969-1972


LSD Undated

Marijuana 1991-2017

Opium 1946-1950



Bibliography undated

Disaster relief 1972-1989

Faults 1956-1994

Ground motion 1977

Intensity legend undated

Mercalli intensity scale undated

Planning 1974-2005

Predictions undated, 1985-2004

Preparation 1969-2011

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Study 1972-1985

Unreinforced masonry buildings 1990-1996

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

1865 1963

October 21, 1868 1868, 2009

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

April 18, 1906

Army 1906-1907, 1956-2002

Art circa 1906, 1998

Benefits--See: SF.Earthquakes.April 18, 1906.Navy, SF.Earthquakes.April 18, 1906.Relief funds

Building code 1933


City of Paris 1906

Dean Watson (Forwarding and commission merchants) 1906

Gordon Syrup and Pickle Co. 1906

Kragens 1906

Music Trades Company 1906

Ocean Salt Water Company 1948

Chimney inspection 1906

Chinatown 2006

Christmas 1989

Churches 1906, 1980

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

City engineer

Area burned 1906

Automobile 1906

Destroyed furniture, materials, instruments 1906

Cisterns 1906

Correspondence 1906

Physical Description: 7.0 folders

Proposed underground conduit 1906

Records salvaged 1906

Requests for employment 1906

Sewers 1906-1907, 1984

Widths of streets 1906

York Street swamp 1906

City offices locations 1953

Coins 1976

Committee of 5 circa 1906

Committee of 51 1906-1907

Deaths 1985

Department of Elections 1906

Epicenter 2000-2004

Fire department 1906, 1939

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Food 1906, 2004

Governor's Message 1906

Heroes undated

Insurance 1906-1939, 1984-2010

Islam Temple program 1906

Jails 2006

Japanese circa 1906


Gildea, Margot undated

Keefer, Emil 1906

Letter of sympathy 1906

Lime, Adolph 1906

Message from citizens of Tripp, South Dakota 1906

Offer of relief 1906

Schaeffer, Lucy R. 1906

Story, George A. to Phelan, James D. 1906

Unidentified 1906

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Libraries 1950

Mail--See: SF.Earthquakes.April 18, 1906.Postal service

Maps 1906

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Marine phenomena 1908

Martial law 1906

Medal 1981-2006

Medical 1906

Mint 1906

Music 1985

Navy 1906, 1952-1975

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Newspapers 1906-1956, 2011-2018

Physical Description: 2.0 folders


Park commissioners 1907

Proclamations by Mayor Schmitz 1906

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Water 1906

Observances 1956-2017

Physical Description: 25.0 folders

Opera 1906, 1956


City Beautiful 1906

Glimpses of the San Francisco disaster: Graphic scenes of the awful earthquake and mighty flames vividly described by an eye-witness 1906

New San Francisco: Two years after the great fire 1908

"Old Frisco" souvenir book: The saddest story ever told in pictures 1906

Panoramic views of San Francisco: Showing the "golden gate city" destroyed by earthquake and fire circa 1906

Picture story of the San Francisco earthquake circa 1906

Ruins of San Francisco, California 1906

San Francisco, 1875 - early days 1906

San Francisco and vicinity before and after the great fire 1906

San Francisco Catastrophe 1906

San Francisco disaster photographed: Fifty glimpses of havoc by earthquake and fire 1906

San Francisco in Ruins: A Pictorial Booklet 1906

San Francisco (On the night of April 18, 1906) 1906

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

San Francisco: Pictorial history of the fire and earthquake 1906

San Francisco the imperishable undated

San Francisco: The story of the earthquake told with views of the doomed city 1906

Scenes from the San Francisco disaster 1906

Scenes of the San Francisco Fire and Earthquake: Series no. 1 1906

Scenes of the San Francisco Fire and Earthquake: Series no. 2 1906

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Scenes of the San Francisco Fire and Earthquake: Series no. 3 1906

Scenes of the San Francisco Fire and Earthquake: Series no. 4 1906

Souvenir album: Fire and earthquake views of San Francisco 1906

Souvenir pictures of the destruction of San Francisco 1906

Story of the earthquake and fire 1906

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Trial by Fire at San Francisco 1906


Governor's office 1906

Police chief 1906

Schmitz, Eugene 1906


American Heritage 1983

American Journal of Science 1909

American Monthly Review of Reviews 1906

American West 1977

Architect and Engineer 1906

Argonaut 1906, 1956

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Banking and Mercantile World 1906

California Geology 1979-1980

Coast Review 1906

Collier's 1906, 1956

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Conflagration-proof 1946

Cosmopolitan 1906


Earthquake Information Bulletin 1981-1985

Everybody's Magazine 1906

Harper's Weekly 1906

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Holiday circa 1960

Leslie's Weekly 1906

L'illustration 1906

Motorland 1970

National Geographic 1906

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

New San Francisco Magazine 1906

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Newsletter 1907-1908

Outlook undated

Out West 1906

Overland Monthly 1906-1907

Pacific Discovery 1986

Reader's Digest 1946

Real Estate Circular 1911

Results 1909

St. Nicholas 1906

Signs of the Times 1906

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Southern Pacific Bulletin 1956

State Board of Trade Bulletin circa 1906

Sunset 1906-1908

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Synergy 1969

WASP 1909

Western Field 1906

Westward 1956

Youth's Companion 1906

Personal accounts

Adams, Mabel C. 1984

Ahearn, Andy undated

Albee, George--See: Edwards, F. Ernest

Anderson, Walter 1906

Angove, Thomas R. 1906, 1975

Armer family 1906, circa 1989

Baldwin, DeWitt C. 1988

Bales, Clifford 1981

Barry, Garrett and Nora 1989

Belser, Paul 1977

Berg, Halvor H. 1906, 1985

Bertheau, Rudolf C. undated

Blumer, George undated, 1978

Bowen, James, Capt. 1906, 1979

Cartwright, Annie Jones 1906, 1998

Caruso, Enrico 1906

Charlie to Flora 1906, 1984

Chase, Leonard J. undated

Cheyrias, August S. 1986

Christian, Susan undated

Clark, Alfred L. 1969

Clark, George and Lenore 1989

Cook, Bertram J. 2004

Cowley, Clara Jones 1980-1985

Coxe, Mabel

Crespi, Aurelio D. undated, 1990

Cunningham, J.C. 1967

Dakan, Janet 1969

Darbee, Annie H. 1906-1920, 1990

Davies, Horatio C. 1952-1969

Davis, Bertha 1981

Dickhoff, Bernard undated

Dickow, Henry W. 1970

Dodge, Omira B. 1906

Downey, Arthurd D. 1982

Eastey, F.H. 1906

Eaton, Ralph Monroe 1906, 1989

Edwards, F. Ernest 1931

Einstein, Lesley 1906

Elkus, Charles De Y. 1956

Entzmann, Arnold 1980

Fisher, Lucy 1906

Fitzhenry, John T. (Jack) 1976

Flavel, Nellie circa 2006

Fletcher, Jane (Sister Tave) 1906

Gault, Clarence 1906, 1971-1973

Geballe, Harry 1906, 1989

Geibel, Barb 1906

Geissinger, Dorothy 1977

Gibbons family 1906, 1984

Gibson, Frances 1986

Gillet, Jno 1906

Gilliand, John A. 1985

Goebel, Kathryn Vreeland 1906

Goring, Beatrice 1969

Gottischalk, Edna 1985

Gould, Guy T. 1906

Graff, Edward 1978

Graves, H.C. (Cliff) circa 1936, 1987

Graybill, Jay M. 1906, 1976

Greenberg, David 1906, 1999

Greenleaf, George R. 1906, 1989

Gruener, E.L. 1906

Gundlach, Carl 1906

Hale, Marion Baldwin 1975

Hart, Edward 1980

Heller, Helen 1961

Herrick, Stephen S. 1906

Hewitt, Josephine 1906

Hoenck, Hattie undated

Hohfeld, Belle 1969

Hubbard, John R. 1906

Imler, Frances Livengood 2005

James, William 1990

Jones, Florence M. 1969

Keyston, William Donald and Garton D. 1906

Klauber, Laurence M. 1906

Lathrop, Charles N. 1906, 1966

Linstrum, Olga F. 1969

Liston, Edward 1939

Lloyd, Charles 1906, 1994

Lobner, Morris 1906

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

London, Jack 1906, undated

Loranger, Jessie 1906, 1982

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Lyle, Janet 1985-1986

Lyon, Jane 1906

Mabbott, Will 1906, 1983

Mahoney, Margaret, M.D. 1906

Marks, G.H. 1909

McArron, Charles D. undated

McArron, Stephanie undated

McBride, John 2006

McCartney, Henry M. 1906

MacDonald, Charles 1906, 1990

McKee, John D. 1906

Mitchell, Edward 1906

Monan, William 1906, 2005

Moore, Walton N. 1906

Mormons 1983

Moskowitz, Louis 1980-1984

Murch, John Harold 1906

Norris, Kathleen 1932-1956

Nuttall, Olive 1906

O'Hare, --- 1906, 1989

Olsen, Lillian 1906

Park, Carrie T. 1906, 1999

Parkins, Jessie 1969, 2000

Peabody, Claire 1969

Peters, T.K. 1969

Phelan, James 1928

Published accounts 1906, 1983-1990

Ransom, Ella Randolph 1985

Reedy, William 1906

Richards, Alice 1906

Ross, William E. 1969

Rossi, Angelo 1941

Sanford, Louis C., Rev. 1906

Schlictmann, Emil P. 1986

Schwarzmann, R.A. undated

Seaborn, Walter 1906

Sherman, Rosa W. undated

Shoemaker, Hazel Guilliee 1984

Silva, Manuel E. 1906

Sinsheimer, Henry 1906, 1967

Sliney, Eleanor Deering Mathews 1906, 1984

Soderstrom, Alfred 1907

Stanford University undated

Sprague, Claire Kelly 1985

Steel, Malcom W. 1971-1980

Steir, Mary Louise 1969

Stern, S.S. undated

Stetson, James B. 1958

Stoddard, Marshall 1906

Straus, Mildred 1990

Sullivan, Raymond 1906, 1986

Tapscott, James 1990

Taylor, Clara L. 1906, 1989

Temby, C.R. 1963

Traynor, Sydney B. 1969

Trimble, Beryl 1986

Turner, Frank 1906, undated

Tuttle, Bert 1906, 1987

Watkins, Eleanor 1981

Wehrli, Mary--See: SF MSS 27/5

Wilkening, Fred W. undated, 1984

Williams, Sydney H. 1942

Wilson, Jessy C. 1906

Writer unknown 1906-1907

Physical Description: 7.0 folders

Pets--See: SF.Earthquakes.April 18, 1906.Periodicals.St.Nicholas

Photographers 1908-1980

Pictures 1906-1980

Physical Description: 3.0 folders


General 1906-1907, undated

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Among ashes of the Tenderloin by Young, Waldemar 1906

April 18, 1906 by Appleton, Virginia 1969

Brave San Francisco 1906 by Stosik, Tatjana 2006

Damnedest finest ruins and 2 others by Harris, Lawrence W. 1906, 1999

Deathless by Reese, Lowell Otus undated

Destruction of San Francisco by Hobson, Mary E. 1906

Dust of Frisco town by Taylor, D. Wooster 1907

Early bird gets the donut by Walter, Marie circa 1969

Earthquake Elmo by Simon, Joan 1996

Frisco the fallen by Reedy, William Marion 1916

Ghost city by Pitts, Mabel Porter 1906

In '26 a grandfather's story of the days of nineteen-six by Gassaway, Frank H. 1926

Phantom hostelry by Stellman, Louis J. undated

Ravaged temple by Stellman, Louis J. undated

Right of way by Dudley, M.E. undated

San Francisco arising by Markham, Edwin circa 1906

San Francisco by Coolbrith, Ina undated

San Francisco by Hellman, George S. 1906

San Francisco by Miller, Joaquin 1906

Twilight in the refugee camp by Stellman, Louis J. undated

Wisdom for the wise by Sosso, Lorenzo 1906

Postal service 1906, 1985-1998

Postcards 1906, circa 1976-2001

Predictions 1906, 2002

Quotations 1906-1958

Reconstruction 1906-2008

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Red Cross 1906, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Relief funds

General 1906-1907, 2004

Francesca Relief Society 1907

Little Sisters of the Poor 1906

Manila Citizens 1906

Relief and Red Cross Funds 1906, 2006

Saint Catherine's Home 1906

Salesian 1906-1907

Sisters of the Holy Family 1906

Reports and studies

Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 1923

Earth movements in the California Earthquake of 1906 , by Hayford, John F. 1907

Manson, Marsden to the Mayor and Committee on Reconstruction 1906

Note on the San Francisco earthquake of April 18, 1906 by Omori, F. 1906

Progress of the fire in San Francisco April 18th - 21st, 1906 , by Kennedy, Lawrence J. 1908

San Francisco conflagration of April, 1906 1906

San Francisco Clearing House certificate 1907

Seismology 1909-1956

Sheet music undated

Sheriff's department 2006

Siemers, Ray undated, 1986

Survivors 1979-2009

Sweden 2006

Telegrams 1906

Telephone directory 1906

Theatre 1906, 1979, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

United Railroads transfers 1906, 1979

United States Life Saving Service 1906-1933

Weddings undated

Western Union 1958

Wine undated, 1985

March 22, 1957 1957

April 24, 1984 1984

October 17, 1989

General 1989-1991

Berkeley Information Network 1989

Newspaper clippings 1989-2014

Physical Description: 3.0 folders


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