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Golf Carts for Sale Near You

If you’re in the golf cart market, you have come to the right place. At Golf Cart Resource, we take immense pride in offering the most comprehensive marketplace of golf carts for sale, catering to every need and budget. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer seeking to elevate your game or looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around your neighborhood, we’ve got you covered. Our diverse range of golf carts ensures you’ll find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and requirements.

At Golf Cart Resource we understand that buying a golf cart is an investment. That’s why we connect you with dealers that offer financing options to help make your purchase more affordable. Dealerships provide competitive rates and flexible terms that meet your budget and financial goals.

In addition to selling golf carts, our dealer network will provide continued maintenance and repair services to keep your golf cart running smoothly. Technicians are trained to diagnose and fix any issues you may encounter with your golf cart, ensuring it stays in top condition for years to come. Whether you’re looking for cheap golf carts, electric golf carts for sale, or anything in between, we have a diverse inventory to cater to your needs.

We are committed to providing the best selection of golf carts near you and the appropriate resources to guide your research and decision. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a trusted source for all things golf cart related. So why wait? Browse our selection of golf carts for sale today and find the perfect one for your needs!

Top Golf Cart Brands Available

We are proud to offer a wide selection of golf carts from top manufacturers such as Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha. These brands have earned a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable, and durable golf carts that can meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Club Car

Club Car is a leading manufacturer of golf carts, offering a range of gas and electric models that are known for their durability and performance. Their carts feature a rust-proof aluminum frame, high-strength plastic body panels, and advanced suspension systems for a smooth and comfortable ride.


E-Z-GO is another popular brand of golf cart that has been in business for over 60 years. Their carts are available in gas and electric models, and are known for their high-quality construction, advanced features, and customizable options.


Yamaha is a well-known brand in the golf cart industry, offering a range of gas and electric models that are designed for performance and reliability. Their carts feature powerful motors, advanced suspension systems, and a range of safety features, making them a popular choice among golfers and other users.


Bintelli is a newer entry in the industry and have made waves in the past few years. They recently won the award for the “Best LSV” in our recent consumer survey.

Our Wide Selection of Golf Carts

Our extensive inventory includes new and used golf carts, custom builds, and fully equipped models that come with all the bells and whistles. From gas-powered to electric, lifted to street-legal, we have something for everyone. Be sure to check out our helpful articles on tips for buying a golf cart. Our golf carts are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Types of Golf Carts

When searching for a golf cart for sale, you’ll come across three main types: gas-powered, electric, and lithium golf carts.

Gas-Powered Golf Carts

Gas golf carts are known for their robust performance and long-lasting power. They are ideal for those who prefer a more traditional driving experience and are willing to handle regular engine maintenance.

Electric Golf Carts

Electric golf carts are gaining popularity due to their eco-friendly nature and low operating costs. They run on rechargeable batteries and provide a quieter and smoother ride.

Lithium Golf Carts

Lithium golf carts represent the latest advancement in golf cart technology. They are lightweight, have a longer battery life, and are virtually maintenance-free.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Golf Cart

Are you in the market for a golf cart? Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply looking for a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, considering these essential factors will help you make a well-informed decision that aligns with your needs. From golf carts for sale to used golf carts for sale, there’s a wide range of options available, so let’s delve into the factors that matter most:

  1. Budget:

One of the primary considerations when looking for a golf cart is your budget. Prices for golf carts can vary significantly, from affordable options such as cheap golf carts to more expensive, feature-rich models. Determine your budget beforehand to narrow down your choices and find a suitable golf cart within your price range.

  1. Intended Use:

How do you plan to use your golf cart? Will it be mainly for golfing, or do you need it for other purposes as well? If you’re looking for a golf cart for multiple uses, consider factors like seating capacity and optional features. Some carts are designed for recreational use, while others are equipped for off-road adventures or neighborhood transportation.

  1. Type of Golf Cart:

When exploring golf carts for sale, you’ll come across three main types: gas-powered, electric, and lithium golf carts. Gas-powered carts provide a more traditional driving experience, but electric carts are becoming increasingly popular due to their eco-friendly nature and lower operating costs. Lithium golf carts, on the other hand, offer extended battery life and reduced weight, making them an attractive option.

  1. New or Used Golf Carts for Sale:

We know how it goes. Sometimes you may not want to buy a new golf cart, but what about a nice used golf cart or refurbished golf cart that is 3-5 years old? In our marketplace, you can find used golf carts for sale at a variety of price points. It is easy to sort by price, seating capacity, make, model and more. Once you find the golf car of your dreams, take a look at what it includes for accessories, battery condition, and other key factors.

  1. Local Regulations:

Before finalizing your purchase, check local regulations regarding the use of golf carts. Some areas may have restrictions on operating golf carts on public roads or specific requirements for safety features or registration.

  1. Inspection and Test Drive:

If you’re considering a used golf cart, it’s essential to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Look for signs of wear and tear, check the battery’s condition (for electric carts), and assess the overall performance. Don’t forget to take the cart for a test drive to get a feel for its comfort and drivability.

  1. Maintenance and Repairs:

Consider the maintenance requirements and potential repair costs associated with the type of golf cart you choose. Electric carts generally require less maintenance than gas-powered ones, but it’s essential to factor in long-term maintenance costs.

  1. Resale Value:

While it might not be your immediate concern, thinking about the potential resale value of the golf cart can be beneficial in the long run, especially if you plan to upgrade or sell it in the future.

Now that you have these essential factors in mind, you’re well-prepared to embark on your quest to find the perfect golf cart. Whether you’re looking for used golf carts for sale near me or exploring options for new golf carts near me, remember to consider your budget, intended use, and type of golf cart that best suits your preferences. Enjoy the process of finding the ideal golf cart that will enhance your golfing experience or add convenience to your daily life!

Choosing the Perfect Golf Cart: Size, Seating Capacity, and Power Options

Size, Seating Capacity and Design Options

Another consideration when buying a golf cart is the size and design. Golf carts come in a range of sizes, from two-seaters to six-seaters, and can be customized to fit your specific needs. If you plan to use your golf cart for transporting people or cargo, then a larger model with a rear seat or cargo bed can be a good option.

In addition to size, the design of the golf cart is also an important consideration. Some models come with features such as headlights, turn signals, and rearview mirrors, making them street-legal and suitable for driving on public roads. Other models are designed for off-road use and come with features such as lifted suspensions, larger tires, and heavy-duty frames.

Gas, Electric, or Lithium Golf Cart? Which is better for Me?

Now, maybe you need to get a gas golf cart after doing your research. Not everyone enjoys doing battery maintenance and prefers the old school gas golf carts which we completely understand. Gratefully, it is easy to sort for vehicles by gas, electric, or lithium on our marketplace. Now it is time for you to start looking at all the power type options available to you.

Thousands of Golf Carts for Sale | Golf Cart Resource (2024)


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